5 Natural and Cruelty-Free Skincare Tips: Defend Your Skin with Nature

Ingredients from nature go into the best skincare products to defend your skin from harm. Everyday life takes a toll on skin: sun exposure accelerates ageing, pollutants in the air soil the skin, makeup and other products can clog pores or promote drying. Even the foods you eat can have a bad effect, such as increasing oiliness or skin breakouts. Dehydration from climate conditions, activity or not taking in enough fluid can cause skin to become dry and may make fine lines more apparent. With natural skin care products and a good skin care regimen for your skin type, you enhance your beauty and keep your skin looking young and refreshed.


1. Use Products Made From Natural Ingredients

Many beauty aids and skincare products contain artificial ingredients that are harsh and potentially harmful. Alcohol, chemical fragrances and all those unpronounceable ingredients aren’t doing your complexion any good. Nature provides valuable plants with antioxidant properties that fight damage to our bodies, including our skin. Aloe vera, plant extracts and clay give superior skincare advantages.





2. Start with a Natural Cleanser

Ordinary soap can make your face feel dry and tight. Regular bar soap and liquid bacterial soap may change your skin’s pH and leave residue on your skin. Never use these soaps on your face. Apply a natural cleanser to your face to preserve your skin’s natural balance. With a good natural skin cleaning product designed for the face, you cleanse your skin without harming it. For deep cleaning, a clay cleanser removes impurities in the pores to help your attain a clearer, more radiant complexion.


3. Treat Acne-Prone Skin With Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil and extracts have antibacterial properties and are used to prevent and improve many dermatological conditions. This remarkable natural plant essence performs well in clinical trials and has been adopted by top beauty brands worldwide for use in beauty aids and natural skincare products.

Not all products use enough of this quality ingredient to be effective and not all skincare products containing tea tree oil are free of artificial ingredients. Always read labels and look for all-natural tea tree skincare. Use tea tree products daily for best results.






4. Apply Moisturisers and Skin Creams to Defend Your Skin

Plant extracts strengthen your skin’s natural defences. An effective blend of wholesome plant extracts guards your skin against harm, moisturises to prevent unnecessary dermal stress and balances oils. Oil control helps to prevent excessive shine or dryness, making plant extracts a good solution whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin.


5. Use Eco-friendly, Cruelty-free Skincare

Many products and their production and packaging are harmful to the environment. The best skincare lines contain natural ingredients and strive to be part of the solution for a healthier environment for everyone. Choose natural skincare products that are cruelty-free by companies that create their skin formulas without harming animals. One brand that meets the criteria of offering natural skincare products with eco-friendly packaging is Naruko skincare – buy @ Hermo.my. This company has a strong following in Asia and has gained recognition worldwide in the natural beauty niche.

The principles of caring for your skin and caring for the environment and animals go well together. Feeling good about your complexion improves your confidence and makes a good impression on others. Expanding the good feeling by caring for the future with eco-friendly, cruelty-free natural beauty products that benefit your skin offers lasting rewards.

Diet Pills

The Best Weight Loss Pills From Industry Experts

Folks struggling to lose weight fast often turn to fad diets and other unhealthy methods of supposedly fast weight loss techniques. While most people do realize that the most effective way to maintain a healthy weight is through a combination of nutritional meals and regular exercise, people typically do not want to wait for their results. There is no magic in a bottle, but there are a few tried and true methods of prescription weight loss pills that can help overweight individuals jump start their weight reduction plan. When these aids are used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, users can experience significant and sustained weight loss.


Burning Excess Fat

A healthy metabolism is one of the most important aspects of healthy weight reduction and maintenance. During and after a vigorous workout, the body continues to burn calories and fat because the metabolism is operating at peak performance. One of the residual effects of the increased metabolic activity is consistent weight loss over an extended period of time. There are some all natural diet pills available on the market that aid dieters in the process of boosting their metabolism. Zenoctil is one of the all natural supplements that has been clinically proven to increase the rate at which a body burns fat. When these products are used along with regular exercise, a person has an even greater chance to experience satisfactory weight loss results.


Zenoctil Mode of Action





Curbing Hearty Appetites

Overeating is one of the most difficult feats for some dieters to conquer. It is possible to overcome these pitfalls and bad habits with some practice. When portion control is an issue, dieters can use smaller plates and measure servings for each meal. Most people do not realize that they they have overeaten until they begin to fill uncomfortably full. Measuring out portions in advance and mindfully chewing each bit a minimum of ten times will help the stomach receive accurate signals from the brain. Sometimes, an appetite suppressant can be used to effectively make the stomach feel full. Organic supplements like Liposinol can be used to control appetites and help dieters avoid overeating and excessively snacking between meals.




Liposinol Pills



Supporting Weight Loss

Stubborn fat and excessive weight can be harmful to an individual in many different ways. Obesity is a major problem that causes several other health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. When individuals put on large amounts of weight in a relatively short time period, such as during pregnancy or after an injury, they may need help getting their overall system back in motion. Prescription diet pills such as Duromine may be the answer for serious weight loss goals for individuals who are not having luck with other methods. The threefold effects of this product work throughout the day, providing energy and stifling appetites so dieters feel satisfied and are unlikely to overeat or snack between meals. In addition, they experience more energy to engage in heart healthy exercises on a daily basis.




Diet and exercise may seem like chores, but they are actually the most proven ways to maintain a high quality of life. This perfect combination helps the body ward off colds and infections while keeping the joints and muscles flexible and strong. While it is completely acceptable to indulge in favourite foods on occasion, high fat and high calorie foods should only be enjoyed in moderation. Partaking in a little bit of a good dessert is certainly more satisfying than overeating and suffering the consequences.


Biofibre Hair Implant: A New Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Like anyone who is experiencing thinning hair, you’re probably anxious to find a solution. There are plenty of options out there, but most of them are merely stop-gap measures. Some, like combing over the hair or wearing a toupee, are outright embarrassing. Others are merely gimmicks that make you waste your hard-earned money. At a certain point, you may assume that you’re simply destined to going bald. Luckily, that’s not the case. Through a recommended Biofibre hair implant, you can fill in the thinning spots on your scalp to restore your hair to its previous condition. You might even be able to improve upon it!


What is Biofibre Hair?

Chances are you’re pretty wary about any big promises regarding hair loss. After all, there are lots of products on the market that do absolutely nothing to help. Biofibre hair implants are different. They’re made out of a synthetic material that’s completely biocompatible, which means that they are highly unlikely to be rejected by the body. That’s important because many artificial hair implants are made out of materials that cause bad reactions. Sure, they fill in your hair, but they cause unpleasant side effects. With Biofibre, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The only limitation to Biofibre, which is a hair implant from Malaysia, is that it can’t be dyed. Fortunately, it’s available in a stunning array of colours, so you don’t have to settle for something that won’t look terrific. Furthermore, it’s available in many different lengths and textures. You can also get Biofibre hair that’s straight, wavy or curly. With so many options, it’s a breeze to achieve a completely natural look. As an added bonus, once the implant is in, it doesn’t grow. Therefore, it keeps looking great for a very long time.


Watch Biofibre Hair Implant by Premier Clinic



How it Works

The actual Biofibre hairs are largely what make this treatment so unique. They’re soft and flexible, and they look every bit as real as natural hair. The procedure by which they are implanted is unique too, though. Special implanters, which are hook-shaped implements, are used to insert hairs one by one beneath the scalp. They’re tied off in knots that are easily reversed, so hairs can be removed quickly and effortlessly if needed. Many other hair implants are implanted in such a way that removing them is nearly impossible and typically involves an invasive, painful procedure. With Biofibre, you don’t have to worry about that.

Hair ImplantThe first step to achieving a full head of hair through Biofibre is sitting down for a consultation with an experienced physician. Your scalp and hair will be examined to determine where implants are needed and how many are required. Most people need anywhere from 800 to 1,500 hair implants, but it could turn out that you need fewer or more. It depends on the location of your thinning hair and on its extent. A talented doctor will be able to come up with a very accurate estimate. Each hair needs to be implanted separately, but the tools that are used make the process go fairly quickly.


Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair with Biofibre Hair Implants

Thanks to the anesthetics that are used before the procedure begins, you’ll stay comfortable throughout your Biofibre procedure. More importantly, you’ll walk out of the office with a much fuller head of hair. Keep in mind, however, that multiple sessions are usually required. Even so, it won’t take long for you to rid yourself of the bald spots and thinning patches that have made you so self-conscious for so long. With Biofibre, it’s finally possible to restore your hair in a safe, easy, effective and reversible way.

Skin Care Tips and Home Remedies – New York Skin Solutions


The skin is one of the most noticeable part of the body. Xerodermia, also known as ‘dry skin’ condition caused in the integument system. Not too severe dry skin conditions can be treated with moisturizers. However the treatment for overly dry skin requires more attention and can be treated with non invasive and non surgical procedures. The are largely 4 known skin types which are normal, dry, sensitive and oily skin. All four skin types must be treated separately as it has their own set of complications.

Many home remedies and help dry skin such as olive oil and egg yolk. This is by far the best home remedy treatment for dry skin. Olive oil has a natural antioxidant filled soaked with Vitamin E and K that works effectively when combined with egg yolks. Egg yolks carry with them a large amount of Vitamin A which reduces skin from shedding and ultimately making skin soft and smooth.

Another alternative is through using coconut oil. Coconut oil increases moisture dramatically instantly causing skin to feel softer and smoother. Filled with fatty acid that replaces loss of moisture from the skin. Some skin care experts advise for the coconut oil to remain on the surface of the skin for the whole night and to apply it on your skin every day and night for best results. But this is only advised for those who have normal to dry skin as this remedy may not be suitable for those with sensitive and acne prone skin. Those with sensitive and acne prone skin should refrain from perfumed and non-water based products as it creates a heavy finish to the skin while blocking the  pores.

New York Skin solutions uses 100% natural plant extracts which is tailored fit to suit the condition of your skin. This remedy is best for Asian skin and is highly recommended for those who are experiencing more than one skin problem including freckles, liver spots or age spots, pimples, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, milia, dark eye circles, crow’s feet, dehydrated and sensitive skin. According to the experts, crow’s feet is due to overexposure to UV rays, aging which causes the skin around the eye area to loosen and losing too much weight too fast.

It can be treated by replenishing moisture around the eyes, firming the skin around the eye area, boosting radiance in the pupils, and begin taking good care of your skin while still in your 20’s. All experts will tell you that prevention is better than cure. Start taking care of your skin early to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines when you’re older.

Weight Lost Tips – London Weight Management


Weight problems can be one of the most difficult problems to treat. A lot of non surgical treatment such as liposuction can be very expensive and although not harmful nor painful, can require many treatments and is not guaranteed. But first you need to determine if you are overweight. This can be done with just calculating your BMI which you can do so with a BMI Calculator which measures your body mass index also known as body weight to height index. There are two standards used to determine your weight status but according to the The British Nutrition Foundation,  determines 20 and below as underweight and The Food Standars Agency’s BMI says 18.5 is underweight. The table below shows the measurements for one who is overweight.

Under 18.5* Underweight
18.5* – 25 Healthy Weight
25 – 30 Overweight
30 – 40 Obese
Over 40 Severely obese

Some of the ways to combat weight problems include exercising regularly, drinking a lot of water, as water can not only prevent you from feeling hungry all the time but also increase the level of your metabolism. Some other good and ideal healthy habits are taking in less calories than the recommended dosage depending on your height and gender.

Other painless weight loss options and remedies are increasing your intake of whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables and nuts to your diet. Also, working out is great at burning calories as well as feeling an overall sense of accomplishment. However if these useful tips are not your type you may consider and alternative to weight loss, which is using 100% all natural plant ingredients and essence used here by the London Weight Management solution here in town. They essentially treat all types of weight problems focusing on general weight loss problems and well as specific weight loss problems such as flabby arms and thighs.

According to research, London Weight Management is well received in Europe and has successfully helped clients combat weight problems. Their team of experts guarantee 3kg or 8-22 cm weight reduction in the first session. The group was founded by a group of medical researchers and nutritionists to help women combat weight issues and achieve an ideal weight and good health within the shortest time period possible.


Hair Care Treatment Tips – Yun Nam Hair Care


There are many forms of hair treatment in the market today. Some of which can produce some of the amazing results. Of course all hair types are different and require, depending on the severity of the damage, more or less attention to.

For the last 20 years, Yun Nam Hair Care treatments have received numerous complaints from customers who claim to take intensive care for their hair but continue to experience all sorts of hair problems. Some of the most common hair problems are the Mediterranean hair loss, premature hair loss, premature greying, female hair loss, post natal hair loss, ring-shaped hair loss, dandruff, dry hair and oily scalp hair loss.

To date, there are at least 8 traditional herbs that are responsible for healthy hair growth as well and healthy scalp, a lot of which are used at Yun Nam Hair Care and some other minerals and herbs that are excellent for hair treatment and hair growth include jojoba oil, wheat germ, aloe vera or coconut milk, peppermint oil, lavender oil and rosemary.

This gave birth to a new set of hair treatment solutions, traditional herbs and western technology. Time and time gain, results showed that this mixture of herbs alongside western technology was not only effective but could prevent hair damage in the future. According to expert advice, if the hair follicle is healthy, hair would grow back quickly, within it’s normal cycle, the growth and rest time period is within 3 to 5 years and Asians have about 100,000 strands of hair, therefore dropping 50 to 100 strands a day is considered normal.

Rosemary could potentially be the most powerful and effective herb which has a multitude of hair health benefits. Both rosemary tea and rosemary oil are both equally used for hair care routines in general and used by most hair care experts.  The reason is simple, rosemary can stimulate hair follicles and cause hair to grow long and strong. It is also responsible for thinning hair, or premature loss of hair due to overheating and over-brushing.

Pigmentation Beauty Tips – Shakura Pigmentation Beauty


There are two main types of skin pigmentation which are hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is where the melanin production is increased revealing brown spots on the skin, known as melasma. The second skin condition is the Hypopigmentation where the melanin production is severely lowered and patchses of light emerses, also known as vitiligo.

Milk essence also known as lactic acid which increases cell renewal. Lactic acid is a alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is a common ingredient found in anti-aging topical skin care products. A classic example is the AHA’s from fruits such as lemons and oranges which are high in Vitamin C.

Milk essence stops pigmentation from developing at an early stage. This discovery has led to many skin care and beauty products containing this substance.  Shakura’s pigmentation Beauty experts has pledged to use the benefits of milk essence in helping many achieve glowing skin while ridding pigmentation entirely. The formula used by Shakura Pigmentation Beauty was founded by the women in Japan which includes milk essence alongside the Red Ruby Roselle, which is loaded with Vitamin C and amino acid.

Some of the other benefits of milk essence include getting rid of dead skin cells, encourages the growth of new skin cells, rehydrates and revive soft, smooth and radiant skin, unclogs and minimises pore skin and stimulates the production of skin collagen and elastin. Not to mention, that milk can also help to counteract large pores and treat allergies.

Milk essence can be said to be one of the most powerful yet effective and safe form of facial treatment which has been around for decades and is known for it’s ability to reduce skin pigmentation as well as minimizing the appearance of dark spots.





9 Eyebrow Mistakes and Corrections

(Source: totalbeauty.com)

(Source: totalbeauty.com)

1.  Incorrectly placing the arch

Many women fail in locating the ideal placement for the arch in their eyebrows.  They typically create the arch that is way too close to the center of their eye.  This creates the non ideal look where the beginning of the brow (nearer to nasal bridge) remains thick and the middle all the way to the end (temple) of the brow is plucked too thin.

Correction:  You will first need your eyebrows to grow back to full length.  When you’re ready to pluck, simply use an eyeliner and hold it parallel to the outer edge (nearer to temple) of your iris.  Your eyebrow’s arch should be where the eyeliner hits your eyebrow.

2.  Plucking too often

You may feel that you’re simply “cleaning up” when you pluck every day or every couple of days but stop it!  Really more often than not, you’re actually removing the hairs that play an important role in your eyebrow’s shape.

Correction: Limit your eyebrow plucking to once in every 3 weeks and stop over obsessing over every hair.

3.  Plucking too much or too little at the ends

Many women make the mistake of getting too extreme with the ends (nearer to temple) of their eyebrows.  They either leave them too long, which gives the face a droopy look or they pluck them too short which takes away from the elegance of one’s face.

Correction:  Believe it or not, all of us actually have a eye brow bone.  Locate it, touch it, and where that ocular bone ends is ideally where your eyebrows should also come to a halt.

 4. Plucking with a magnifying mirror

The use of a magnifying mirror is not the ideal way to get your ideal eyebrow shape.  In front of a magnifying mirror, you will tend to over-pluck your eyebrows.  Keep in mind that the hairs you can’t see in a regular mirror, other people can’t see either.

Correction: Get back to the regular mirror!

5.  Plucking more than 1 hair at a time

This sounds extreme to many but when you’re plucking hairs in bunches you run the risk of creating unwanted gaps in your eyebrows.  Eyebrow plucking is not something that you ought to be doing in haste.

Correction:  Take your time to ensure that every single hair you pluck is one that needed to be removed.  After plucking 1-3 hairs at separate times, step back from the mirror to make sure you’re getting the correct shape.

 6.  Getting rid of “weeds”

The hairs that are found closer to the beginning (nasal bridge) of the eyebrow is what is referred to as the “weeds”.  Picture Brooke Shields in her youth – she had them.  Do not pluck these, if necessary, trim them.  Many women who don’t have them want them!

 7.  Over trimming

Be conservative with trimming your eyebrows.  Do not trim many hairs at the same time and do not trim them too short.  Remember, similar to plucking, less is more here.  You don’t want to end up with barely any eyebrows!

Correction:  Trim one hair at once.  That’s right, one hair.  Brush the lower portion (nearer to iris) up and only trim the hairs that are longer than the rest.  Also do the same with the upper portion ie brush the upper portion (nearer to forehead) down only trim the hairs that are longer than the rest.

 8.  Filling in your eyebrows with the incorrect color 

Here’s the rule, if the color you’re using to fill in your eyebrows matches the color of your hair, it is simply too dark.  This creates a rather unnatural look.

Correction:  Select a color that is a shade or two lighter than your hair color.

 9.  Minimalist brow tattoos

Getting a brow tattoo that is usually a one thick line.  Just don’t.

Correction:  Locate a reputable permanent make up artist who can actually replicate what real eyebrows look like.  They should look rather natural in the sense that there are actually numerous hair like strokes of ink.  Be sure to study the artist’s port folio of previous clients!

5 Makeup Ingredients You Didn’t Know Could Kill You

(Source: sheknows.com.au)

(Source: sheknows.com.au)

In the earlier days, makeup used by the Egyptian women was very harmful. They would use KOHL as eyeliner to darken and bring attention to the eyes. Throughout the 19th Century, many women used lead oxide to whiten their skin tone while others used belladonna, derived from a toxic plant to create glitter around the eyes. Makeup is known to be a girl’s best friend. They are easy to use, great in creating a flawless finish and they smell good too. But what many people don’t know about makeup is that most makeup products contain ingredients that are not only harmful and prove to be bad for you in the long run, but lethal as well. Here are a few makeup ingredients you should look out for!

Castor Oil

Castor oil derived from vegetable oil is used to create a shiny finish to the skin. It also used to soften solid textures such as makeup foundation or tinted moisturizers. Castor oil is produced from Ricin Communis, one of the most poisonous plants in the world.


Zirconium contains in numerous makeup and skin care products is proven to cause human skin granulomas and high level toxic produce in the lungs and other organs. Zirconium is also highly dangerous for the fact that in most cases, the lung will not reveal the presence of the granulomas, unlike the skin, until a more serious state. In some cases, they are permanent.


Mercury complexes are readily absorbed into the skin and through topical application tend to accumulate in the body. Mercury is known to cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and neurotoxic manifestations. The percentage of mercury usage for eye area makeup products only may not exceed 0.0065%.


Bithional which is usually used as an antibacterial agent in cosmetic preparations are linked to causing photo-contact sensitization in both men and women. The ingredients are found in many creamy makeup items such as lotions and even soaps.


Chloroform is found in many cosmetic products and because of its animal carcinogenicity is hazardous to human health. The National Cancer Institute has demonstrated the danger of oral administration of chloroform in rats. Rats who were tested with chloroform induced hepatocellular carcinomas also known as liver cancer and renal tumors in male rats.

Vinyl Chloride

Vinyl Chloride also found in aerosol products is dangerous due to the carcinogenic effect in humans and animals. This ingredient is also prominent in hair spray. Carcinogenic effects can result in numerous health problems including acute toxicity, dizziness, migraines, disorientation and even unconsciousness if consumed in high concentrations. Studies have also shown the carcinogenic effects in animals that are exposed to high doses of vinyl chloride develop liver diseases and liver cancer.

Women are exposed to hundreds of different kinds of harmful chemicals in their makeup everyday. In fact, most lipsticks, facial creams, eye cream, eye shadows, perfume and liquid foundations are filled with toxic chemicals which are known to cause many health hazards including infertility and cancer, so stay away!