5 Tricks To Brighten Tired Eyes In The Morning

Dark circles under the eyes and puffiness are two of the biggest beauty complications that people have. The problems come from a wide variety of factors such as the natural aging process, dehydration, illness, allergies and lack of sleep. Malaysian residents can try a number of remedies to try to fix the problems. The following are five tricks for brightening tired eyes in the morning:
tea_bags_for_dark_circlesHot Tea Bags

Tea bags can quickly reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning. To make the puffiness go away, the person must let two tea bags sit in hot water for five minutes. Next, he or she should place one tea bag over each eye. The tea that the person uses contains caffeine, which reduces the swelling by constricting the blood vessels.
How-to-Get-Rid-of-Dark-Circles-under-Eyes-Cold-SpoonThe Spoon Method

The spoon method involves using cold silver spoons on the eyes. The person should leave the spoons in the freezer until morning and then place them on the eyes until they become warm again. The cold spoons will zap the swelling away.
woman-with-dark-circles-under-eyesPreparation H

Many people are not well with using a medication on the eyes that the manufacturer originally meant for the rear. However, Preparation H has ingredients that work to reduce swelling. Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory element that can reduce swelling significantly. Many people swear by the product.


Cucumber Slices

The cucumber slices work just like the spoons. They should be frozen and then placed under the eyes until they get warm again. Usually, it takes about 15 minutes for the cucumber slices to do their work.


Use Retinoid Creams and Other Creams

Retinoid creams are special mixtures that increase the production of collagen in the area the person puts it. The extra collagen can eliminate the puffy eye problem that many people have. Retinoid creams also stimulate new blood vessels, so they serve several helpful purposes.


Health Tips for Malaysian Under-Eye Bags

People who have dark circles under their eyes may also need to change some of their nutritional habits and sleeping habits. One sleeping tip that a person can try is propping himself or herself up for sleep. Propping oneself up prevents the buildup of fluids under the eyes. Staying hydrated with liquids is another way for a person to prevent getting the puffy eyes. The recommended amount of water is eight glasses per day. Finally, a person should always take the prescribed allergy medications to avoid getting puffy eyes and dark circles as a reaction to histamine.


Shopping for the Best Eye Cream

Malaysian retailers have a wide assortment of creams that are solely for the eyes. The eye lift serum that such stores sell have crucial ingredients in them that lift up the eyes and provide a youthful appearance. A shopper should always take his or her time and read product reviews before making the decision to buy skincare online in Malaysia.

3 Ways to Safely Eliminate Unwanted Oil in Your Skin


happy woman with a lens showing her ideal skin

As the saying goes, oiliness is next to ugliness.

These days, keeping our skin oil free seems to be a difficult task. Aside from our own body chemistry, stress and environmental factors such as pollution and free radicals in the air here in Malaysia make the skin produce more oil in order to protect itself. The excess oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands can cause major facial nightmares such as blemishes, pimples, acne and worse, cysts; especially on women. Hydrating your skin regularly is also the next big challenge because having dry skin diminishes radiance, therefore making a youthful face look rather old.

Oil prevents the skin from being damaged. But if your skin produces too much oil, it can also affect you directly. Your self-confidence and your ability to socialize suffer greatly if you have shiny, oily skin. Eliminating excess oil removes the possibility of having blocked pores which results to acne, whiteheads and blackheads and other skin related problems.

There are different ways to manage your skin’s excessive oil production without busting your wallet. Here are three effective and proven techniques to hydrate your skin and protect it against unwanted oil:


  1. Avoid using strong skin products.

Skin products such as soap and facial cleanser contain chemicals that help remove oil and dirt. However, it can also irritate your sebaceous glands. Irritated glands can lead to abnormal oil production and clogged pores. You can buy H2O skincare in Malaysia which contains ingredients that are absolutely safe for the skin. If your skin is exposed only to skin-friendly ingredients, it can maintain normal oil production without having adverse effects.


  1. Use only alcohol-free cleanser to hydrate your skin.

Skin reacts negatively to most alcohol-based skin cleansers, which are popular in the market today. Many online shops offer these types of cleansers, so make sure to double-check the ingredients before buying. Though these effectively remove the unwanted oil in our skin, they also leave it dry in the process. Use alcohol-free toner for your face to let your skin absorb moisture from the outside and seal it in, keeping the skin hydrated for a long time.


  1. Use cold water when washing your face at night.

You may be wondering about the benefits of using cold water in preventing excessive oil production. The simple explanation is this: if you wash your body especially your face using cold water, the pores will close promptly as a reaction. This way, the sebaceous glands will be prevented from producing oil therefore giving your skin time to absorb moisture properly.


You need to make sure that your skin stays young, fresh and of course, oil free. You can ensure that your skin stays in top condition if you buy H2O skincare in Malaysia. By having this skin care regimen at your side, you can still feel confident going out and exposing your skin to the environment without fear of having a breakout or having embarrassingly oily skin.

The Perfect Face in Minutes for Dry Skin

Most of us only hear about how to apply makeup for oily skin when there is a skin challenge. It’s seems to be the most popular one. And there is also a myth about that your skin will get oily simply because you live in a hot and humid country. This is not necessarily so. We’ve decided to give those ladies with a dry skin challenge a way to get over that hurdle and have flawless skin. The product we will be speaking of here today is Chriszen moist cake which is easy to get if you buy makeup online in Malaysia and the place you can go if you choose is Banila Co online shop.

About Dry Skin

Dry skin can be frustrating to apply makeup over. It can happen to you for many reasons. It could be weather, genetics, diet, hormones or the most popular reason–not drinking enough water. Your skin must be hydrated. Then the next thing is to use a makeup that has a moisturizing system such as the one we mentioned earlier. Over-moisturizing and over washing or under washing is also not recommended.

Young woman washing her face with cold water
Skin Care Cleansing Routine for Dry Skin

Cleaning and exfoliating the skin prior to makeup application is the key. First, wash with a cleanser that is geared up for dry skin. Do not use a cleanser for oily or normal balanced skin; you’ll defeat the purpose and make it worse. Exfoliate with a gentle facial scrub one to two times a week only. The preferred time is at night so your skin has had a chance to rest from the trauma.

Do not use another moisturizer apart from the one you are using with the moist cake. This is a great primer/base with a moisturizer that comes with it in a serum suspension and its own bottle.

Take out the bottle and apply, for the first time one drop only. Rub it between both hands for a second and then run into face. Wait a moment or two for it to absorb and then re-apply as needed if any scaly dry skin appears. After you are sure you have coverage, open the cake jar. It will be a pretty colour swirl of two shades. There will be a deep shade and a light shade. Take a clean makeup wedge that actually works better than the one it comes with and move in the direction of the makeup swirl to get an optimal effect and not straight up and down across the swirl. This will better ensure the colour is mixed well.

Practice makes Perfect

It takes a little practice to make the perfect colour for your skin tone. This makeup does wonders to keep the humidity in the hot country you reside in at bay as well. The moisturizing serum also takes a bit of practice with the amounts.

Enjoy the best moisturized look you’ve ever had today!


Body Enhancement Procedures


You can get an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia to help you with a lot of different procedures. You can choose from a lot of different options, and you will find that the doctor can walk you through your choices until you have something that you are comfortable with. Most people who are going through one of these procedures will want to know what it will be like, and they also need to know how it will make them look. The doctor can explain all that when you are in the office for your consult.

Someone who is trying to make sure that they have the best results can talk with the doctor through the whole procedure for you. They can tell you exactly what will happen when they do the surgery, and they can tell you about long it takes. All this information is used to show you what you are getting into, and that makes it much easier for you to know if you want to do that particular procedure or not. You need to know all this before you commit to something that could be pretty intense for you.


The next step is the computer rendering that will help you know what it will look like when you are done with the surgery. You need to be sure that you have gotten a good look at what the results will be, and you need to know that the doctor can copy what you saw. Do not do the surgery until you are ready, and you will know what the best result is for you because you saw it yourself.

Someone who comes in for the surgery needs to make sure that they have gotten the staff in the office to show them what needs to be done to get all the results they need. The staff knows how they can file all the paperwork, and they can help with insurance and payments. You need to talk to someone who will help you with these things so that they do not get confusing, and they have to be done right the first time so that there is no worry before you go in for the surgery. Your time at the clinic should be calm, and it will be much calmer if you have talked to someone first.


The best part of this is that you can completely change how you look when you talk to the doctor. The doctor will help you understand what you are doing to get the best best results, and they will show you how it will look when you are done. They can provide you with the help that you need, and they can teach you what these procedures are like. Anyone who want to have a much better time with their surgery should go to a helpful and kind clinic where they make sure that your care catered to. The staff will let you go with a much better appearance than when you got there.


The New Skin Treatment for Brighter, Translucent Skin

Crystal Tomato (CT) is a new whitening pill being marketed in Asian countries that is so successful that it is creating panic-buying in the Asian beauty-goods market.
Created by the medical team of Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, two skin, hair and anti-aging specialists, Crystal Tomato in Malaysia is popular with Asian women who desire to have lighter, fairer skin than that which they were born with. Many women, and men, think a lighter, brighter and more translucent skin complexion is more attractive than a darker one.

This cultural trait is just the opposite from the Western world where Caucasians strive to have darker skin, thinking that it makes them look more attractive. American Pop star Michael Jackson went in the opposite direction and spent huge sums of money on treatments to lighten his skin from dark to almost Caucasian white. If there had been a skin-whitening product like Crystal Tomato available, Jackson probably could have avoided a lot of painful and expensive treatment in his quest.

Traditional skin whitening

Skin whitening has been done for many, many years in many ways. Creams and lotions are the most common method. Then there is the have dermatological procedure of skin peeling. Another method is the oral intake glutathione tablets.

How is Crystal Tomato taken?

Crystal Tomato comes in a tablet form and is taken orally once a day. It’s combination of unique ingredients like colourless phytoene and phytofluence carotenoids were discovered through years of trial and error to have excellent whitening properties.

Are the ingredients in Crystal Tomato all natural?

A unique tomato named the “white tomato” supplies the main ingredient in the CT formula. This particular tomato is rich in carotenoids which have been shown to absorb UVA and UVB rays to reduce the existing black pigment in the skin know as melanin and prevent new melanin from forming.

The 100 percent natural product is guaranteed to be safe. As a side benefit of using CT, the organic white tomatoes also have anti-aging properties aside as a bonus to its skin whitening results.

How effective is the skin whitening treatment?

Taking only one pill a day for about three months should be sufficient to maximize the CLC concentration. After the three month period, the whitening results should be obvious. Some people have successful results after only one to two months.

Other Benefits

There are no harmful side effects from using CT since it’s organic and made from all-natural ingredients. A single tablet is the equivalent to eating three white tomatoes.

CT also acts as a natural sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even so, you should still use sunscreen as double protection.

There are no animal by-products in CT or egg derivatives, so the tablets are suitable for any vegetarian diets.

Another side benefit of using CT is in the fight against the ageing process. The white tomatoes are rich in carotenoids which act as excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. They also help prevent the damages that free radicals create that lead to premature aging.


Hair Loss Tips


Throughout history, hair has always been an important part of a person’s physical appearance. Colour, style, length and amount are often associated with sex appeal, health and youthfulness. It’s definitely not a surprise why thinning hair is a serious concern for most people. Since our hair is out “crowing” glory, it’s only natural to be distressed when you realize it’s falling out. Fortunately, with proper diagnosis and treatment, hair loss can be stopped and you can start to restore your hair back to its natural beauty.


Coconut Oil
Keeping hair soft and pliable to key to minimizing breakage. Coconut oil is the cornerstone of any hair care regimen. Coconut oil can restore moisture and flexibility to the hair, as well as protecting the shaft. Coconut oil applied to the ends of hair to prevent dryness, but most effective way to use coconut oil is a deep oil massage. After warming the coconut oil, distribute evenly throughout your hair from scalp to ends. Wrap your hair with a warm towel or plastic wrap. Leave in place for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse warm water.


Increase Your Vitamins
Our hair is a true indicator of our overall health. Excluding underlying medical conditions such as hormonal imbalances or hereditary factors, hair loss can be a good indicator of what your diet is lacking. Be sure you are eating a well-rounded diet rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, you can Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Biotin, Vitamin C and Iron are all key players when it comes to having luscious locks.


Seeking Professional Treatment
If you are concerned over your hair loss, there are many treatments available to help prevent and stop any further loss. Talk to your doctor about which medical treatment is best for you. From oral medications to professional hair transplants, there are a variety of ways you can wage war and restore your hair back to its natural beauty.


Topical Treatments
In addition to improving your diet, reducing stress and ruling out an underlying medical problem, there are topical treatments that can stop hair loss and help your hair to regrow. Minoxidil has been found to be very effective in stopping hair loss. You can find in your local supermarket or pharmacy.

Regardless of the reason, losing your hair doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are many different ways to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.


Why You Should Visit an Aesthetic Clinic


Having a good skin pigmentation is a dream for every woman would call upon to brag about. Do you have or come across someone with dark or light patches of skin? If yes, why wait for them to grow all over your face? Take your time and visit one of many aesthetic clinics specially for skin pigmentation treatment. This skin pigmentation or traces of dark spots are especially found on the face.


Don’t be worried about what skin pigmentation can do and all the embarrassment you will face with or keep on answering to your friends what has happened to your skin. Meeting this challenge every day and even the fear to hang out with friends would sound like a life threatening condition.


But, fret not. There are tips that one can use to get rid of skin pigmentation. One of these is doing it medically by visit aesthetic clinics. These clinics have expertise who offer a solution to your problem. Depending on the pigmentation on your face like deeper wrinkles, damages from the direct sun that alter skin texturally, or scars caused by surgical or traumatic experiences, the C02 fractional laser would be an idea and it will clear them all.


Medical doctors from this aesthetic clinic will highly recommend you to go for CO2 fractional laser especially on the delicate skins around the eyes and mouth. It is effective in removing scars or damages near the eyelid and pre-cancerous growth. CO2 fractional laser might not be useful in all areas of treatment but it is limited to taking care of redness in the skin as expertise from the clinic will confirm to you that redness found on blotchy discoloration on the neck, the fractional laser will temporarily cause even more problem as laser causes more problem.


Some problems on the skin should not be done temporarily but seek advice from experts, these are pigmentation like blotchiness on the arms, neck, and arms and legs. This is because the risk of complications is high especially scarring and needs to be done by a medical doctor. So, ask your doctor about which fractional laser to choose as a consumer before going for just any.


Improving texture on your skin should be given much attention! Have you ever thought about taking the recommendation from the aesthetic skin care clinic? They promise improvement! And how can you confirm the solution for your skin condition that the doctor in a nearby clinic in whom your place have confidence in him can be perfect for you? Don’t look for solution that will keep you anxious and waiting for the miracle to happen. Confirm to the confidence around you on skills and experience that your doctor is able to offer.


Meet doctors from aesthetic skin clinic who are experts in cosmetic surgery and have to develop products that will help you regain you lost face. Have you ever asked yourself or discovered that skin pigmentation can be as a result of hereditary?


Hurry up and all these answers you will get on your consultation, these clinics offer to their clients’ lecturing and have earned them excellence in their profession.

Amazing Ingredients That are Proven to Improve Your Skin


In order to enhance the quality of your skin, you should regularly apply lotions that contain glycerin, vitamin C, retinol and niacin, and you can frequently take supplements that feature biotin and vitamin E. Moreover, you may use body creams that feature glycerin, which can prompt the skin cells to retain extra moisture and prevent toxins from reaching the skin.
Aloe Vera 

This natural ingredient is able to substantially mitigate inflammation and to moisturize the skin, and consequently, the compound may decrease blotchy redness, reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost the skin’s suppleness, prompt wounds to rapidly heal and increase the softness of the skin. Moreover, numerous reports have shown that the ingredient can lessen the thickness of scars and reduce the appearance of acne.
Vitamin E 

This substance can notably decrease oxidation, prevent wrinkles and allow the skin cells to retain extra moisture. Body care products that contain vitamin E are able to rapidly reduce inflammation, which may cause the skin to have an uneven texture and reddish blotches. Additionally, several reports have indicated that a thin layer of vitamin E may prevent most environmental toxins from coming into contact with the stratum corneum and the epidermis.

As a fat-soluble compound, vitamin E typically provides benefits for a longer period of time than water-soluble antioxidants. According to multiple analyses, the substance can also mix with the skin’s natural oils, which will cause the cells to more effectively absorb vitamin E.
Choosing Supplements That Contain Niacin 

Known as vitamin B3, this ingredient can significantly augment the amount of blood that reaches the skin cells and allow extra oxygen to enter the blood. Numerous reports have indicated that the compound may boost the elasticity of the skin and cause wounds to heal more rapidly than they would otherwise. Niacin can also prompt skin cells to swiftly repair themselves and augment the thickness of cell membranes by stimulating the activity of proteins that are situated in the membranes.



As a carotenoid, astaxanthin is able to reduce the impact of environmental toxins and to substantially decrease oxidation in the dermis. When an individual frequently consumes foods that contain astaxanthin, the ingredient will generally lessen the overall effects of excessive exposure to sunlight. Additionally, multiple analyses have suggested that astaxanthin can boost a person’s levels of glutathione and enhance the function of the immune system.
Vitamin C 

This antioxidant is capable of stimulating the production of collagen, which is a fibrous protein that can increase the skin’s thickness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and eliminate dark circles that are situated under the eyes. Vitamin C also mitigates the effects of UVA rays, and the compound is able to boost the amount of moisture that the epidermis retains.

8 Steps To Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly


The right eye makeup can make a woman’s face look extraordinary. If she knows the proper tools and techniques, she can make her eyes one of her most attractive features and grab people’s attention with them. So grab your makeup brushes, the following are a few steps you can take to make your eyes look remarkable.

Step One 
Whether you want your eyes to look good every day or for a special occasion, proper application of your eye makeup is the key. First, wash your face using a makeup wipe or gentle cleanser. Make sure to remove any leftover eyeliner or mascara. Using cold water or lotion placed on a cotton swab is also effective.


Step Two 
Apply primer or base to your eyelids from just above the lashes to the brow bone. This will make the skin smoother and give the makeup something to which it can stick.

Step Three 
Use concealer to make the skin tone around the eyes even. Put concealer on any dark circles under the eye. Make sure to cover the entire area including where the eye and nose meet. Using a concealer brush or a finger, blend it to your nose and cheekbone. Brush a little flesh-toned powder loosely over the eyelids and the area under the eye. This helps to set the concealer.

Step Four

Apply your eyeshadow. Use one or several colors depending on your taste. If using several colors, first apply pink, light brown, or some other medium color. Next apply a light color to your brow bone. Using light gold, pearly off-white, or any other delicate color highlights your eyes and makes light bounce off it. Next, put a dark color on the crease of your eye using light, small strokes. Brush from the outer corner to the inner one. Violet, brown, or any other dark color which matches the colors you put on first will do.


Step Five 
Now it’s time to blend the colors. You can use a fluffy, tapered blending brush or your finger. Blending the colors creates a more cohesive, natural look.

Step Six 
It’s now time to apply your eyeliner. Whether you use a liner pencil, wet eyeshadow with an angled brush, or liquid eyeliner, use tiny controlled strokes. Create a dotted line then fill in the blanks. Lining your lower lashes adds a dramatic look.


Step Seven 
Curling your eyelashes is the next step. Using an eyelash curler, grip and clamp your upper eyelashes for 5 seconds. Having your eye half-closed makes it easier.

Step Eight 
Applying mascara is the last step. If you want more definition, length, and volume, add lots of mascara. If not, just add a little. Begin at the base of the upper eyelash and sweep upwards slowly. Adding mascara to the lower lashes will give your eyes a more dramatic look.

You are done. Remember, a good set of makeup brushes is vital, keep practicing, and be sure to remove your eye makeup at the end of the day.


Vaginal Rejuvenation: Negative Effects & Natural Preventative Tips


Time has a strange way of affecting a person’s life and body. One of the areas that time and life has a significant effect on is a women’s vagina. The vagina may stretch over time or after having children. Women who have birthed an especially heavy child may have to deal with a stretched vagina. But there are a few things that can be done regarding laser vaginal rejuvenation.


Why is it Important to Worry About Vaginal Aging?

There are several reasons why you should worry about vaginal aging. One issue that arises affects a women’s self-esteem. This could be rooted in the fact that vaginal aging looks unappealing to some women, which could make her self-conscious when she is intimate with someone.

Plus, more and more women are becoming aware of how they want their private areas to look due to the internet and magazines. Not to mention the fact that more women shave that area completely. Many women are going through beautification processes to achieve the perfect look, which could add to feelings of self-consciousness if your area does not appear appealing.

Another issue that might contribute to a woman’s self-esteem problem is that sexual activity might decrease. Your sexual partner may have trouble adjusting to the change, which could make you feel undesirable. Some women also experience less sexual satisfaction as well.

Some women may also experience vaginal dryness or atrophy. This could include symptoms like itching, irritation, or pain while having intercourse.

Natural Solutions to Rejuvenate the Vagina

There are a few things that can be done to help reduce the chances of an aged vagina. This can be done naturally. For one, it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Weight fluctuations tend to stretch the vagina. You should also know that it is preferable to stick with fewer sexual partners because varying male membranes could also contribute to over-stretching.

You can also try to contract your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds. And this should be done about 100 times a day to keep the pelvic floor toned. You should try to do this exercise while having sex. Be sure to do this while on top of your sexual partner, as it is easier to contract the pelvic muscles in this position.

But one should understand that these preventative measures, as well as the exercise, will not reverse severe aging. At this point you need consider an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, which could help rejuvenate or beautify aged genitals. Many women who have gone through this procedure have been extremely satisfied.

It has been shown that the procedure has positive effects like a more active sexual life and much more sexual pleasure. A woman also regains her self-esteem due to the procedure. It is important to talk to your doctor about what you want and any questions that you might have before undergoing the procedure. The point is to be completely happy, and to accomplish that, there needs to be open communication between you and your doctor.