9 Eyebrow Mistakes and Corrections

1. Incorrectly placing the arch

Many women fail in locating the ideal placement for the arch in their eyebrows.  They typically create the arch that is way too close to the center of their eye.  This creates the non ideal look where the beginning of the brow (nearer to nasal bridge) remains thick and the middle all the way to the end (temple) of the brow is plucked too thin.

Correction:  You will first need your eyebrows to grow back to full length.  When you’re ready to pluck, simply use an eyeliner and hold it parallel to the outer edge (nearer to temple) of your iris.  Your eyebrow’s arch should be where the eyeliner hits your eyebrow.


2. Plucking too often

You may feel that you’re simply “cleaning up” when you pluck every day or every couple of days but stop it!  Really more often than not, you’re actually removing the hairs that play an important role in your eyebrow’s shape.

Correction: Limit your eyebrow plucking to once in every 3 weeks and stop over obsessing over every hair.


3. Plucking too much or too little at the ends

Many women make the mistake of getting too extreme with the ends (nearer to temple) of their eyebrows.  They either leave them too long, which gives the face a droopy look or they pluck them too short which takes away from the elegance of one’s face.

Correction:  Believe it or not, all of us actually have a eye brow bone.  Locate it, touch it, and where that ocular bone ends is ideally where your eyebrows should also come to a halt.


4. Plucking with a magnifying mirror

The use of a magnifying mirror is not the ideal way to get your ideal eyebrow shape.  In front of a magnifying mirror, you will tend to over-pluck your eyebrows.  Keep in mind that the hairs you can’t see in a regular mirror, other people can’t see either.

Correction: Get back to the regular mirror!


5. Plucking more than 1 hair at a time

This sounds extreme to many but when you’re plucking hairs in bunches you run the risk of creating unwanted gaps in your eyebrows.  Eyebrow plucking is not something that you ought to be doing in haste.

Correction:  Take your time to ensure that every single hair you pluck is one that needed to be removed.  After plucking 1-3 hairs at separate times, step back from the mirror to make sure you’re getting the correct shape.


6. Getting rid of “weeds”

The hairs that are found closer to the beginning (nasal bridge) of the eyebrow is what is referred to as the “weeds”.  Picture Brooke Shields in her youth – she had them.  Do not pluck these, if necessary, trim them.  Many women who don’t have them want them!


7. Over trimming

Be conservative with trimming your eyebrows.  Do not trim many hairs at the same time and do not trim them too short.  Remember, similar to plucking, less is more here.  You don’t want to end up with barely any eyebrows!

Correction:  Trim one hair at once.  That’s right, one hair.  Brush the lower portion (nearer to iris) up and only trim the hairs that are longer than the rest.  Also do the same with the upper portion ie brush the upper portion (nearer to forehead) down only trim the hairs that are longer than the rest.


8. Filling in your eyebrows with the incorrect color

Here’s the rule, if the color you’re using to fill in your eyebrows matches the color of your hair, it is simply too dark.  This creates a rather unnatural look.

Correction:  Select a color that is a shade or two lighter than your hair color.


9. Minimalist brow tattoos

Getting a brow tattoo that is usually a one thick line. Just don’t.

Correction:  Locate a reputable permanent make up artist who can actually replicate what real eyebrows look like.  They should look rather natural in the sense that there are actually numerous hair like strokes of ink.  Be sure to study the artist’s port folio of previous clients!