3 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Be Without UV Cream

With global temperatures on the rise, it’s becoming much easier to sustain damage to the different parts of our bodies. The first and most affected structure is our skin, which serves the purpose of our first line of defense. As UVA and UVB rays start to overpower our immediate environment, our skin is put at risk of severe damage, aesthetic issues, and potentially even cancer.

Fortunately, protecting your skin has been made a lot easier with the dawn of UV cream. This product aims to up the ante against sun damaged skin and promises to minimize the damage caused by different types of UV rays. If you’re still not sure if you should include UV cream to your daily skin care regimen, these three reasons should tell you exactly why it’s a must.

3 Reasons to Include UV Cream in Your Daily Skincare Routine


  1. Protection from Sun Damage

This has to be the first and most important reason to include UV cream in your daily routine. Step out into the sunlight without the cool shade of an umbrella or the protection of a UV cream, and you’re bound to feel the burning sensation of the sunlight as it scorches your skin.

That stinging burn that you feel is the effect of UV rays. These rays come in two major variations – UVA and UVB. The former is able to penetrate deep into your skin, causing damage to your dermis and encouraging the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The latter on the other hand, burns the topmost layer of the skin and is a key contributor to the development of cancer. By protecting your skin with a thick layer of UV cream before any sort of sun exposure, you help your body curb these dangers.


  1. Discoloration Prevention

We’ve all experienced the uneven skin tone of summer sun. When you expose more areas of your skin to sunlight than others, you’re likely to develop an uneven tan. For most of us, this can be an unsightly problem that takes a long time to resolve.

Fortunately, there are better ways to prevent this issue than trying to hide from the sun at every turn. UV cream can protect your skin from too much darkening, which can in turn keep you from having to deal with a t-shirt tan. Just be sure to minimize sun exposure and only step out when it’s necessary.


  1. Feels Light on the Skin

The main reason why most of us try to steer clear of sunscreen or sunblock is because these products tend to feel heavy, thick, and sticky on the skin no matter how long it’s been since they were applied. This is because sun protection lotions don’t absorb properly into the skin, and just stay on the surface as a protective barrier instead of seeping into the pores.

UV cream is developed to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, leaving you feeling as though you don’t have any product on in the first place. This makes it much more comfortable to apply even on areas such as the face that tend to get oily as the day goes by.


Be sure to massage the cream into your skin and leave it to absorb for a few minutes before applying anything else or going out into the sunlight. This will help maximize its benefits and keep your skin properly hydrated as go through your routine.

The sun can be your skin’s worst enemy, but only if you leave it unprotected. Be sure to grab some of the best UV cream you can find to keep your skin healthy, flawless, and sun-damage free throughout the heat of the summer sunlight.