4 Common Smoothie Making Mistakes You’re Probably Doing

Nothing says “healthy living” quite as well as a homemade smoothie. Combining a delicious blend of your favorite fruits and vegetables, these kitchen creations can keep you feeling full and lively all throughout the day. That’s why for many health buffs, a blender is an invaluable daily essential that should always be at the ready.

But while making a homemade smoothie might seem simple and straightforward enough, there are a bunch of things you might be doing wrong. Not only will these errors affect the quality of your concoctions, but they might also put your beloved blender at risk.

Find out what 5 mistakes most of us make when using a blender by checking out this short list.


4 Common Mistakes People Make When Using a Blender


  1. Packing in the ingredients

We tend to get a little trigger happy when it comes to placing fruits and vegetables into a blender to make into a smoothie. Operating under the idea that the outcomes are potentially endless, many of us tend to get a little too creative and push the bounds of what should actually be acceptable.

When making a homemade smoothie, less is always more. Don’t try packing in as much produce as your blender can accommodate and instead, think of the taste you want to achieve. Putting too many ingredients at once could make your smoothie muddy and discolored. Plus, your blender’s blades can only handle so much. Don’t overburden the motor with too many fruits and veggies to process all at once.


  1. Using big chunks of ice

Craving for a delicious, cold treat to cool you down? An ice blended smoothie might sound like the perfect remedy, but be warned. Forcing your blender to process big chunks of ice can damage the blades and overwork the motor.

Instead of throwing ice in as blocks, cut them down to size first with an ice pick. Smaller chunks of ice are much easier to blend, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your blender. Plus, using smaller pieces of ice helps guarantee that you won’t run into an unexpected ice block while you chug down your smoothie.


  1. Adding ingredients because they’re “healthy”

Generally speaking, if you choose to use organic, natural ingredients for your smoothie, it will always be healthy. The mistake is adding in ingredients that you don’t necessarily like simply because they’ve been labelled as a super food that’s chocked full of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, you might not like kale, but because of the countless research that’s confirmed its benefits, you try to fit it into your recipes only to come up with substandard flavored smoothies. Cut the pretences and stick to flavors, fruits, and vegetables you actually like. This will make it much more enjoyable for you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Overestimating the power of the blades

Your blender was likely made to meet certain durability standards, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. Those blades can only take so much, and when they break, you might find yourself having to buy a whole new blender all together.


Don’t get too confident with your blades and spend a little more time to prep your produce to make sure your blender won’t get busted after use. Remove the seeds, make sure they’re properly peeled, and don’t pop in ingredients that may be too tough for it to handle. Your blender will thank you.

Keep your juice blender in proper shape and make sure to avoid these mistakes. In doing this, you can expect a longer blender life and more delicious smoothies for many years to come.