5 Makeup Ingredients You Didn’t Know Could Kill You

In the earlier days, makeup used by the Egyptian women was very harmful. They would use KOHL as eyeliner to darken and bring attention to the eyes. Throughout the 19th Century, many women used lead oxide to whiten their skin tone while others used belladonna, derived from a toxic plant to create glitter around the eyes. Makeup is known to be a girl’s best friend. They are easy to use, great in creating a flawless finish and they smell good too. But what many people don’t know about makeup is that most makeup products contain ingredients that are not only harmful and prove to be bad for you in the long run, but lethal as well. Here are a few makeup ingredients you should look out for!

Castor Oil

Castor oil derived from vegetable oil is used to create a shiny finish to the skin. It also used to soften solid textures such as makeup foundation or tinted moisturizers. Castor oil is produced from Ricin Communis, one of the most poisonous plants in the world.


Zirconium contains in numerous makeup and skin care products is proven to cause human skin granulomas and high level toxic produce in the lungs and other organs. Zirconium is also highly dangerous for the fact that in most cases, the lung will not reveal the presence of the granulomas, unlike the skin, until a more serious state. In some cases, they are permanent.


Mercury complexes are readily absorbed into the skin and through topical application tend to accumulate in the body. Mercury is known to cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and neurotoxic manifestations. The percentage of mercury usage for eye area makeup products only may not exceed 0.0065%.


Bithional which is usually used as an antibacterial agent in cosmetic preparations are linked to causing photo-contact sensitization in both men and women. The ingredients are found in many creamy makeup items such as lotions and even soaps.


Chloroform is found in many cosmetic products and because of its animal carcinogenicity is hazardous to human health. The National Cancer Institute has demonstrated the danger of oral administration of chloroform in rats. Rats who were tested with chloroform induced hepatocellular carcinomas also known as liver cancer and renal tumors in male rats.

Vinyl Chloride

Vinyl Chloride also found in aerosol products is dangerous due to the carcinogenic effect in humans and animals. This ingredient is also prominent in hair spray. Carcinogenic effects can result in numerous health problems including acute toxicity, dizziness, migraines, disorientation and even unconsciousness if consumed in high concentrations. Studies have also shown the carcinogenic effects in animals that are exposed to high doses of vinyl chloride develop liver diseases and liver cancer.

Women are exposed to hundreds of different kinds of harmful chemicals in their makeup everyday. In fact, most lipsticks, facial creams, eye cream, eye shadows, perfume and liquid foundations are filled with toxic chemicals which are known to cause many health hazards including infertility and cancer, so stay away!