5 Makeup Products for a Flawless Skin


Having a glowing and flawless skin attracts attention to a person faster than a magnet. Most people use makeup to achieve facial perfection. Proper use of some facial makeup can bring you closer to perfection. Here are essential makeup products as a woman you should invest in and ways of applying them for a flawless look. The good thing is that you can do your shopping online and get all of these products.
1. Moisturizer
It is always about the base. A good moisturizer keeps your face looking healthy. You can buy online a moisturizer with SPF, instead of applying both a moisturizer and sunscreen.
• Use a wooden spatula or cotton swab to scoop your moisturizer. Using the fingers may contaminate the rest.
• Warm it in your hands then apply it on your face neck and the earlobes for full coverage.
2. Foundation
There are two types of foundations. The Banila Co CC Cream has lighter coverage foundation perfect for everyday use. It is convenient for office professionals. Then there is the full coverage foundation which is heavier and suitable for events with photo sessions.
• Choose a Foundation matching the colour of your neck and jawline so as to achieve a blend.
• Pour it on your fingertips rub and then apply.
• Use a brush or sponge to spread it on your face and buff.
3. Concealer
Concealer hides the dark circles under the eyes, dark spots and other blemishes. To avoid too much layering, only apply Concealer to the parts with the blemish.
• Combining a lighter and darker shade of Concealer always gives the best results. Do a trial before on the back of your hand to obtain the level of shading you need.
• Apply the final shade on the blemished parts with a brush. Use your fingertips to press it in
4. Powder
Powder helps to set the foundation. It prevents you from looking too shiny and gives you a smooth finish to iron out any bumps.
• To apply powder use a puff over it; this makes it easy to press the powder on the face.
• A Puff-up sets the foundation without leaving any parts with more of the powder.
5. Eye shadow
Depending on how you use your eye shadow your eyes will tell your state of emotions. To begin with always go for cream eye shadows that lasts longer than the powder ones. Lighter eye shadow makes your facial feature pop. They are good for a playful party look.

Darker shadows, on the other hand, hide any creases and give a calm composed look.
• Apply eye shadow with your fingertips, fading it out as you get to the edges of the eyes to blend with your foundation.
• Always start applying the shadow at the centre of the eye. It should be more concentrated there and blended out on the edges.

If you are a first timer in using the products, it will not be perfect at first. Practice a lot so that by the time you want to go somewhere in a rush you already know what to do. You can always buy makeup online in Malaysia. It is better as you get to research more on the product than have a salesperson talking you into buying.