5 Tea Types Everyone Should Be Using To Burn Belly Fat

Imagine that your stomach is a teapot. The water inside settles at body temperature, but if you want the pot to whistle, you’ve got to crank up the heat. Tea will help you do that.

Okay. That’s not exactly what’s going to happen if you take the teapot to reality metaphor seriously. But certain types of tea can rev up your body to melt fat as easily as turning a stove’s heat from low to high. Recent research suggests that certain types of tea can help your body’s internal thermometer by increasing fat burn by as much as 10% without additional exercising, sitting in a sauna, or dieting. Yes, you can dream about the Nestea plunge!

Burn Belly Fat tips

Why not give yourself an advantage in the battle against fat? Here are five types of tea that can help you melt away those pounds!

#1 White Tea

White tea helps break down stored fat and can help prevent new fat cells and boost lipolysis; the body’s process of breaking down fat storage receptors. Some popular brands you might try are Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime, The Republic of Tea, and Twinings.

Pu-erh Tea

#2 Pu-erh Tea

Not only does this leafy concoction deflate fat — word on the street is the New England Patriots love this stuff — but it has also been shown to reduce belly flab. So go ahead, try a few sips of Uncle Lee’s Tea in the morning and start deflating those fat cells now!

#3 Barberry Tea

This one blocks new fat cells from growing. Need we say more? The stem of the barberry plant contains a potent ingredient called berberine — a naturally occurring fat fryer. TerraVita produces a great tasting barberry tea.

food that burn belly fat

#4 Any Green Tea

Green teas are packed with little things called catechins, which boosts with turbo-like speed, the fat burning process. Just like our winner, shown below, users reported an average fat burn of a pound per week. Lipton and Tazo are favorites among green tea users. Order Green Teas Online at RedMart.

#5 Oolong Tea

Hear ye! Hear ye! Presenting the king — or queen — of all fat burning teas. The antioxidant rich traditional Chinese libation, and winner of our contest, Oolong tea! Not only does the substance help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, but consuming it gives users a metabolism boost as well. This is important because slower metabolism promotes fat storage. So, if you want to start busting down those fat walls in your stomach, start drinking plenty of Oolong tea.