9 Things That May Be Causing Your Hair Loss

Men are always going to be more likely to lose their hair as they age limit. And it’s not uncommon for women to see some hair loss that is part of normal, everyday shedding. But if you are seeing barge tufts of hair at the bottom of your shower drain are noticing many strands coming out of your head as you brush comb your hair in the morning, something else maybe going on. Here are a few things that may be causing your hair to fall out.



1. Stress and anxiety

It might sound crazy, but general stress and anxiety may cause your hair to fall out. Try to relax by getting to the bottom of your worries. Take up yoga or meditation, and say no to additional responsibilities you don’t have time for.


2. Bad hair products

Certain hair products like hair gels and hair sprays may be causing your hair to fall out. Try eliminating the hair products that you use one by one to see if this is the problem.


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3. Too much hair fussing with appliances

If you blow dry your hair and use heating products on it all the time, this extra fussing could be breaking your hair and making it unhealthy so that it falls out.


4. A bad diet

Bad diets that are full of excess sugar, simple carbs and sodium can cause you to lose your hair as well.


5. Physical stress

Some people who have recently been through a physical stress such as a surgery, accident or other physical trauma may see hair loss during their recovery. Chemotherapy is also a cause of hair loss in many individuals who are suffering from cancer. But once chemotherapy ends and you start to recover, your hair will grow back.


6. Certain medications

Certain medications may cause hair loss as well. If you cannot explain your hair loss in any other way, talk to your doctor about changing your medications to see if that was the culprit.


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7. Pregnancy

In many cases, pregnancy may cause hair loss. Generally speaking, it’s nothing to be worried about, and once your pregnancy is over, your hair will grow back.


8. A lack of protein

Often, vegetarians and vegans will have a problem with hair loss because they are not getting enough protein in their diets. If you are having this problem, try to eat more non-meat foods that have lots of protein. For example, beans, quinoa and nuts are a good start.

9. Genetic hair loss in the family

Female pattern hair loss is something that occurs with a small percentage of women. If your mother, sister, aunt or grandmother had hair loss, you might have it too.

What causes hair loss will be different for everyone. Based on this, you can make a better choice for the right hair loss remedy you use will also depend on what is causing you to lose your hair. But if you do suspect that something medical is going on, always consult your doctor. Likely, your hair loss is from stress or aging, but it’s good to be sure.