A Healthy Living: Do You Need a Cleanse for Weight Loss?

There is nothing that is more disturbing than uncontrollable weight gain. When you are overweight, your self-image is affected, and you also risk developing lifestyle-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, kidney health complications, heart failure and high blood pressure. In case you have noticed that you are gaining weight, and your attempts at dieting and exercise are not bearing any fruit, you need to think about getting the best cleanse for weight loss. Cleansing is important for weight loss because sometimes, weight issues develop because the body has too many toxins.


Determining your weight loss goals


If you want to lose the excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to look at the process from a wider perspective than just losing a few of the extra kilos. This is because, even if you manage to lose weight, but your body is full of toxins, you will not maintain a healthy weight. When your body accumulates toxins, the metabolism is slowed down, and it becomes easier for you to develop sicknesses.


Manage your healthy body weight


The easiest way to know what your ideal body weight should be is getting your body mass index checked. This is a ratio between your weight in kilos and your height in meters squared. (Note that 1 kg=2.25lbs, and 1M=3.28 feet). The ideal body mass index or what is considered normal body weight ranges between 19 and 22. When the ratio falls below 19, a person is said to be underweight. Note that the buildup of chemical substances in the body can inhibit the digestion and absorption process, causing malnutrition. On the other hand, when the body mass index is above 23, a person is considered overweight. People with a BMI of more than 25 are generally considered obese.


After the expert has noted your current BMI, they will tell you what your ideal weight should be for your height. This is where you will be needed to set weight loss goals. To lose weight, there is a combination of factors that work:


  • Ensuring that your intake of calories is below the recommended daily values.
  • Making sure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming.
  • Ensuring that you are strengthening the body’s metabolic system so that a healthy weight can be maintained after weight loss.


Watch out your calorie intake and expenditure


There are many things that will govern your daily caloric intake and expenditure. The intake depends on the types of foods that you eat. The expenditure depends on how active you are during the day, and the ability of your metabolic system to burn calories. It is recommended that men should consume 2500 calories in a day, and women should consume 2000 calories. Of course, the values could be adjusted depending on the type of occupation you are in.


To achieve weight loss, therefore, you need a diet plan that will involve eating fewer calories than you need. To maximize calorie expenditure, you will need to be engaged in some form of physical activity for a recommended period during the day. You will also need to boost the ability of your system to burn calories and turn the fat deposits into energy. This is what cleansing does for you.


Eating healthy foods


Many people imagine that eating healthy food just ends at getting white meat instead of red, including vegetables in your diet and using water. The sad fact is that these healthy foods that are so much emphasized are turning out to be the main source of toxins in the body. Lead and other chemical poisoning has affected the soil, and as a result, a lot of the vegetables on sale are adding to the toxins issue in the body. Seafood is also a source of the toxic substances. Therefore, if your are interested in a healthy lifestyle, you may need to do a diet cleanse to lose weight.


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