Advice for Applying Foundation

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Foundation has a number of advantages when applied correctly. It can make your skin look smooth and even. It will hide blemishes. It can make other makeup products stand out more. It could even prevent environmental toxins from getting into your skin. Several tips will help you to apply foundation so that it looks natural and lasts for a long time.

Pick the Right Color


Always pick the right color foundation. The wrong color will make your skin look unnatural. It could even create discolored spots. The way to tell if you have the right foundation color is to apply a little to your cheek or jaw line. The foundation should almost completely vanish once you move into the sunlight. If it does not, then you need to pick another color.

Clean and Moisturize First


You should never apply foundation to dry skin. You should start by thoroughly cleaning your skin and pores to remove any makeup or other substances that have accumulated.


You should then use a mild moisturizer to make you skin supple. Wait around five to ten minutes after cleaning and moisturizing before applying the foundation. This will help to protect your skin.

Apply With a Sponge


You should apply the actual foundation with a sponge. You want a soft sponge that applies a light coating. You want to work every area thoroughly so that the foundation feathers or blends out into the rest of your skin. Avoid applying foundation across large areas with your fingers since this can make it look unnatural and caked on. Try to apply foundation only where it is necessary such as the T-zone along the brow ridge and nose.

Use Concealer Afterwards


You want to avoid the mistake of applying concealer before applying foundation. You should wait until the foundation is on your skin to use concealer. The reason for this is that you could end up using far more concealer than necessary to cover a blemish or pimple if you start with bare skin. Waiting until afterwards allows the foundation to conceal some of the discoloration.

Consider Applying Luminous Products When Done

Some foundations make the skin look dry and matte. This is unattractive and unnatural looking.


The solution is to apply some luminous powder after you have finished with the foundation. These powders create a small amount of shimmer that makes the skin look moist and natural. Sprinkling some luminous powder along the hairline and T-zone can make a difference. Guest Advertiser: Have you ever try New York Skin Solutions?