All You Need to Know about Vagina Modification


When a woman ages or gives birth, there is a high likelihood that her genital parts will lose its youthful appearance and sexiness. To combat this, many of them are electing to have vaginal rejuvenation procedures done on them. In addition, this operation is conducted on women whose vaginas shrink after they are affected by Mayer-Rokitansky-Kustner. This is a disorder that arises from malignant trauma, reducing the entry point of the organ and also alters the appearance of the labia and vulva. The most common procedures that are conducted in aesthetic clinics are vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty involves the reduction of the labia majora by removing extra membrane and muscles from the exterior lips of the vulva. Those who go through this operation often look forward to reducing the size and altering the shape of the lips. This surgical process has emerged the most favourable vulvar modification among women. It involves the removal of excessive tissues in the vulvar region by making cuts inside the vagina.

Vaginoplasty on the other hand aims at making the vagina tighter. As a woman grows older, vaginal muscles may lose their elasticity. To restore their vaginas to their former before they started giving birth, and regain vaginal muscles’ tautness, they opt to visit aesthetic clinics. This procedure helps older women regain their self-esteem thus have better sex. It also helps correct problems such as incontinence.


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures


A patient who has any kind of vaginal defect, which requires vaginoplasty ought to find the best aesthetic doctor in Malaysia to carry out the procedure. An examination by the medical practitioner will help determine the most appropriate technique for her. Once a technique has been settled on and a date set, an injection is given 18 to 24 hours prior to the operation time. This will help get rid of any postoperative pain. Once in the surgical room, a laser is used to remove extra muscles and tissues inside the vaginal walls. This procedure has the advantage of taking a short time. The patient also experiences minimal bleeding. She also heals within a short time.

Patients seeking the services of aesthetic doctors in Malaysia to conduct labiaplasty often have the lips of their vaginas drawn using a clinical marker. Sutures are placed along the markings made. A laser is used to eliminate tissues that are located beyond the marked areas. Skin clips are then placed in configuration with the edges of the vagina lips. Thereafter, absorbable seams are made and the clips removed.


Preparing for the Procedure


After the initial appointment, an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia often advices patients to adopt a new lifestyle regime prior to the operation. Those who smoke are often asked to keep off from the habit to facilitate faster healing. Besides that, they are often asked to avoid all kinds of anti- inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and herbal interventions, which might cause excessive bleeding on the fateful day. It is also advised that they drink a lot of water before and after the process. This will help rejuvenate the body and help recover any blood lost.