Are There Any Natural Male Enhancement Alternatives?


For thousands of years, men from all walks of life have scoured the world for male enhancements. Whether to increase penis size or improve sexual performance, sexual health is an important part of daily life and the pharmaceutical companies know this. That is why you can find an abundance of male enhancement drugs available to those who seek them. Unfortunately, many of these drugs cause more harm than good with their dangerous side effects. Thankfully, there are a few natural alternatives to potentially harmful male enhancing drugs that work just as well but without side effects.

Herbal Enhancements
Ginkgo biloba is a memory boosting herb that provides a wide array of health benefits, including acting as a natural male enhancement. This is because the herb enhances the flow of blood with little to no side effects. The University of California conducted a study, which showed that ginkgo biloba was able to reverse sexual problems in 84-percent of the men in the study who were taking antidepressant prescriptions.

Yohimbe is another herb that is being touted as an impotence-curing herbal enhancement for men. However, yohimbe can cause dangerous side effects, such anxiety and increasing blood pressure. Some aesthetic doctors prefer to prescribe their patients a purified form of yohimbe, which is shown to be safer and more potent.


Amino Acid Enhancement
The amino acid known as arginine has shown to enhance blood flow, which has a direct effect on sexual health. Tel Aviv University studied 50 impotent men who were taking arginine and concluded that 31-percent of the study percipients saw an improvement in their conduction after six weeks taking the amino acid. Unfortunately, men taking the heart medicine nitroglycerin should avoid arginine. This is because, like Viagra, arginine can cause a dangerous drop in your blood pressure when taken in combination of nitroglycerin.


Supplement Enhancements
DHEA is a hormone that helps the body make testosterone and oestrogen, and when this hormone is low, it can have a direct impact on your sexual health and well-being. The University of Vienne found that men who were taking 5 mg of the DHEA supplement every morning found an improvement in impotence.

Keep in mind that not every man needs a pill to improve their sex life. In fact, a lot of men just need to life a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods and at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. If, after changing your lifestyle to one that is healthier, you are still having problems in the bedroom, seek out the help of an aesthetic doctor, who can assess your specific situation and, when complied with your medical history, prescribed the best treatment options for you.