Freedom for Your Hair: The New Age, Rising Alternative Methods to Washing Your Hair

Hair care

It’s not just our country enjoying Independence Day. Your hair takes over and finds it’s freedom, too. The humidity rises and one morning, you look in the mirror at a raccoon sitting on top of your head. It takes on a life of it’s own and, try as you might, just won’t be managed. The tyranny you’ve forced it to succumb to with potions, waxes, oils and creams during the winter no longer work. So you pull it back, tie it up, or stick it under a hat, attempting to bring it under control. Then you wash it again and more curls turn into a fuzzy frenzy. If you’ve tired of this animal, maybe it’s time to try the no-poo method.
When you wash your hair it’s that squeaky clean feeling you’re after, right? Ah, wrong. Shampoo is made to strip the natural oils out of your hair and that’s the squeak you hear. Then your body goes into overdrive, trying to replace what you’ve removed. Add in the other products you’re using to get your look and the poor hair doesn’t know what to do. With the no-poo method, scalp and hair are cleansed with a non-silicone no-poo. The dirt is rinsed away and you are left with what nature intended. You can follow up with a conditioner that is also silicone free.

Hair care tips
There’s also the co-only method. Using a non-silicone conditioner, you rub a couple of handfuls of conditioner into your scalp. If you’re in the shower, tuck the hair in a shower cap and finish your bathing routine. The point is to let the conditioner sit on your hair and not drip down the drain. When you’ve finished, rub another handful or two of conditioner into the rest of your hair. Then rinse. That’s it.
So where do you find shampoo and conditioner without silicone? In the last couple of years, pricey products have found competition. Big box and drug stores now carry national lines that are supplying this niche. Some of them have no parabens and other common additives. Just look for “no silicone” on the label.

There are some powerful additional effects you may experience. Itchy scalp, acne, and the need to wash your hair every day disappear. It may take a week to a month to see all the benefits of this change-up, but stick with it. You’ll find yourself free of that fuzzy raccoon.
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Five Tips For A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous experience. While it might be difficult to accept this fact while dealing with the trials of morning sickness or looking down at your swollen ankles, there is actually a lot that you can do to achieve mood balance, higher levels of energy and a pervasive sense of good health. With proper self-care, this can actually be one of the greatest times of your life.

Healthy Pregnancy

Make Physical Fitness A Priority

If you maintained a regularly fitness plan before your pregnancy, try to continue with this program for as long as you possibly can. Not only will these efforts make it easier for you to get back in shape after your child has been born, but it can also make labor and delivery much less challenging. Talk to your doctor about your exercise plan and find out whether any modifications must be made. If you haven’t been working out pre-pregnancy, now is the time to start taking long walks, going for regular swims or taking part in prenatal aerobics classes. These efforts will improve blood flow, boost your energy and promote mood balance.

Eat Well

The old adage about eating for two is not necessarily true. Your body will definitely need more calories as you baby forms, but this doesn’t give you license to nosh continuously on your favorite junk foods. Focus on eating a lot of fresh, healthy fare and on maintaining a balanced diet. You should also keep a bottle of water on hand that you can sip on throughout the day in order to avoid dehydration.

Pregnancy sleeping

Sleep When You Need It

Don’t feel guilty about taking regular cat naps when you need them. Your body will let you know when it needs additional rest. If your increased sleep schedule is getting in the way of your regular responsibilities, take some time to determine whether or not you’ve got too much on your plate. While it is certainly possible to maintain an active and robust lifestyle throughout your pregnancy, it is never a good idea to let yourself become overwhelmed.

Embrace Physical Changes As They Occur

Learn how to love and appreciate your pregnancy body and all that it represents. Every physical change that you undergo will prove more than worthwhile once you’ve got your newborn in your arms. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and look for maternity clothes that make you feel confident. Your growing baby will benefit from the efforts that you make to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude.

Talk To Your Baby

Talk To Your Baby

Talking with your unborn baby is a great way to keep your mind focused on the prize, especially when the going gets tough. These conversations will remind you that a very positive experience awaits you. Studies have shown that a growing fetus can benefit from and respond to the sound of voices and touch as early as ten weeks. Thus, this is also an effective strategy for establishing a strong bond with your child, even before he or she is born.
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Tips on Avoiding Broken Bones

More than three million individuals in the UK are thought to have osteoporosis. While osteoporosis is for the most part a symptom-free disease, the most common, and the most debilitating, symptom of osteoporosis is a broken bone. An estimated 300,000 fractures related to osteoporosis occur every year in the UK. Hip fractures cause the most morbidity, but fractures of the wrists, arms, hands, legs, pelvis, spine and ribs are also common in individuals with bones weakened by osteoporosis. Any fracture can cause significant reductions in quality of life.

Avoiding Falls
Many fractures in the elderly are due to falls. For someone with weak bones, even a minor stumble can lead to a broken bone. Most falls are quite avoidable. Simple changes to the living environment can significantly reduce the risk of falling. Improving the lighting in corridors and on stairs by installing motion-activated lights or replacing low-wattage dim bulbs with brighter lights can help prevent an accident. Wearing sensible shoes, removing loose rugs and stray electrical cords, installing hand rails, and picking up clutter are easy ways to prevent falls.

Exercise is not only good for the bones, but it is also good for preventing falls and for improving general health.Weight-training is the best exercise for the elderly. Around age 30, the aging process begins with gradual loss of muscle mass. Lifting weights helps to restore muscle mass in older individuals, and it also stimulates the bones to rebuild and strengthen themselves. Stronger muscles help support the body and can prevent falls. Elderly people who engage in regular weight-lifting and light aerobics such as walking are more capable of caring for themselves and can live independently for longer than more sedentary people. Exercise is essential for preventing broken bones.

Until recently, most bone specialists urged people at risk of osteoporosis to consume large amounts of dairy products and other calcium-rich foods in the belief that they would help strengthen bones. However, more recent studies have thrown this field into confusion. Consuming large amounts of calcium has been shown to increase mortality, particularly in women. Other studies report that consuming large amounts of dairy foods, in particular cow’s milk, not only increases mortality but also seems to weaken bones and increase the risk of fractures.

Taking calcium supplements and consuming a lot of dairy does not seem to be a good approach to reducing fracture risk. However, consuming large amounts of leafy green vegetables and fish, in particular sardines and salmon, seems to be good for health overall in addition to helping to strengthen bones.

Taking vitamin D supplements seems to be a very good idea. Vitamin D is necessary to build strong bones. At least half of the UK population is thought to be affected by clinically significant vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is not naturally found at high levels in any foods. The only natural way to obtain vitamin D is to expose the skin to sunlight, a practice that is likely to lead to skin cancer. Sun exposure is impractical in many parts of Britain for much of the year, anyway, due to the weather.

See your GP
If you are over age 50, talk to your GP about getting regular bone density tests. If the test reveals your bones are gradually weakening, consult a bone specialist about medications. There are a number of medications that can slow down the progress of osteoporosis and help prevent broken bones.
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Four Korean Beauty Secrets

When it comes to your skin, you always want it to look the best it possibly can. Of course that means clear and hydrated skin. While this is always the end goal, there are different steps that need to be taken depending on your skin type. Check out four Korean beauty secrets below for achieving the skin you always wanted.

1. Stay Hydrated

Koreans strongly believe that the key to good skin is drinking lots of fluids. This helps deliver that healthy glow to the skin that most people dream about. That is why many Koreans begin their day by drinking one cup of water, as well as spraying their face with some cold water for a couple of minutes.


Another way Koreans stay hydrated is by incorporating vegetables and fruits into their meals. They also tend to eat foods that don’t contain a lot of sodium for this same reason.

2. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize Every Day

Koreans have a very special way of putting skin care products on their face. That’s because they feel by sticking to this strict routine, they achieve the best results. To begin, Koreans clean their face with some kind of oil for four minutes. It can be any cleansing oil, whether that is coconut or almond oil. After this, Koreans put a foaming cleaner on their skin for two minutes and then completely rinse it off for four minutes. While rinsing their face, they start with lukewarm water and then gradually switch over to cold water so that their opened pores close. As far as toning goes, Koreans usually opt for putting on the toner with their fingerprints, as that helps with absorption. Lastly, Koreans moisturize their skin by first rubbing their hands together. This helps the product warm up when it’s on the fingertips. From there, the product is placed all over the face.


3. Choose Subtle Makeup

A lot of times skin breaks out when there is too much makeup being applied. That is why Koreans tend to keep their makeup simple. For instance, when they buy makeup online, they pick ones that are not too over-the-top.


With eyes, Koreans just put some warm hues on the lid and then line the eye with a black eye-liner. They also put some mascara on the lashes. There’s usually a brow gel placed on top of the eyebrows to keep them neat. A pink blushed is often picked out for the cheeks, while natural color lipsticks are sought out for the lips.


Black Eyeliner


4. Get Enough Sleep

A crucial key for achieving great skin is getting at least six to eight hours of sleep every single night. That is because sleep helps rejuvenate and freshen up the skin naturally. This in turn gets rid of those pesky layers of dead skin cells often found on the face. When the dead skin is removed, the skin can truly glow, leaving the face looking better than ever before.


6 Effective Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common sign of aging and is often due to hereditary factors, diet, and several medical conditions. Approximately 40 percent of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 35 and 80 percent of men will experience it by the age of 85. For both men and women, hair loss can make it difficult to have confidence or even succeed in the workplace. Fortunately, there are several ways to restore hair loss and reduce the signs of aging with a number of treatments that are available.


1. Undergo a Hair Implant

A hair implant is one of the most effective solutions for restoring hair loss with surgery that offers immediate results. A medical professional will transplant hair from another location on the body, which often includes the back, legs, chest, or arms. The graft is harvested and placed on specific areas of the head where balding has occurred. Once the hair is replaced, it will eventually regrow for a natural look that still allows men to shave their head.



2. Use Nioxin Products

Nioxin is one of the most popular products on the market to restore hair loss naturally with a topical solution. It works to infuse the follicles with extra nutrients and improve the appearance of hair that is still present. Nioxin also promotes hair regrowth by improving blood circulation on the scalp with shampoos, conditioners, and sprays that are available to use each day while also working to cleanse the hair.



3. Apply Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a topical solution that is sold over-the-counter and slows hair loss while also prompting follicles to regrow lost hair. Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener and is most effective with central hair loss by opening blood vessels and allowing extra oxygen to reach the hair follicles. The medication is also proven to promote more nutrients from having contact with the follicles to promote hair regrowth for a product that should be applied twice each day. Approximately 40 percent of men experience hair regrowth just three to six months after using the product.


4. Undergo Laser Light Therapy

This hair loss treatment is effective at causing hair to regrow by stimulating the blood flow on the scalp and preserving the hair that is already intact. The product is even available to use at home with a handheld laser light therapy tool that is safe and easy to use for the average consumer. Experts recommend using the light therapy an average of 15 minutes a day to stimulate the follicles.



5. Consume More Nutrients

One of the most common causes of hair loss is due to a poor diet, which can prevent nutrients from reaching the hair follicles. It’s recommended that two to three servings are consumed each day to strengthen the hair. Fish, nuts, and beans should also be included in the diet for rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation on the scalp. Up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables should also be consumed daily.


6. Use Propecia

As the only FDA-approved medication that can treat hair loss, Propecia works to block androgen dihydrotestosterone in the scalp by stopping hair follicles from shutting down. It’s considered a fertilizer of hair follicles and can reverse hair loss that has occurred within several months for gradual results. The treatment is proven to be effective and has a high success rate, but must be taken on a continuous basis to maintain the hair regrowth. In addition to hair regrowth, Propecia also reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

A Quick Guide to Korean Skincare


Korean skincare and cosmetic trends are always a few years ahead of the Western market, so makeup mavens who like to stay ahead of the curve know to stay apprised of the newest developments in Korea. Korean women are world renowned for having beautifully smooth skin, and many of them attribute that to their complicated skincare regimens.


One of the key components of Korean skincare is how young girls are when they first start using these products. They begin exfoliating and moisturizing around the age of 10, while American women are more likely to be flippant about skincare until they begin to notice sun damage and wrinkles.All skincare experts agree that the best way to maintain a youthful complexion is to never develop preventable flaws in the first place, but Korean women are noteworthy for taking that advice to heart on a cultural level.

Instead of using products that promise to accomplish multiple goals with one application, Korean women use a different product for each individual step of their routines.


Eye makeup is removed first, with a solution designed expressly for that purpose; the rest of one’s makeup is removed with a wholly different product. After clearing away makeup, the skin is treated with a cleanser, usually one that is oil-based. The oil interacts with the oils in the skin and any lingering makeup, pulling them away from the pores. The use of an oil cleanser encourages a long, luxurious process of massaging and smoothing the skin to boost circulation and gently exfoliate. It is believed that one should spend as much time washing her face as she does putting on her makeup.

Deeper exfoliation is performed only about once every two weeks with a mask or an intense but natural sugar scrub. Exfoliating is one of the few skincare aresas in which Korean women practice moderation.


Toning comes next. Americans view toning as an optional step, favored by the lazy who want to scrape their makeup away without bothering to fully wash their faces over their sinks. The high alcohol content in American toners makes them suited only for women who have very oily skin.


However, Korean toners nourish the skin. Since they are not washed away, they are formulated with ingredients that benefit the skin when left to work for hours at a time. Toners also prep the skin to absorb moisturizers and serums.
Most women own separate eye creams, serums, moisturizers and night creams. The serum goes all over the face to follow the toner into the pores. Serums and toners are usually formulated to work well together; toners often contain vitamins and antioxidants that boost the effects of serums.


After that, an eye cream and a general moisturizer are applied in the appropriate areas. At night, a heavier, richer night cream replaces the moisturizer. Day moisturizers contain sunscreen protection and are seen as providing entirely different functions than night creams.

Paper masks have recently become a hugely popular addition to many women’s skincare rituals. They come in individual packages and are placed directly onto the face, forcing the absorption of high concentrations of vitamins and essential oils. The paper prevents the nutrient solutions from drying out before they can be absorbed, so women see better results than if they only ever used normal serums.


Korean women are self-taught experts when it comes to skincare. They learn at a young age how to identify and remedy skin problems. Some women could use a light product such as Nature Republic aloe soothing gel as a serum, while others need something a little more intense, or more Nature Republic products layered on top of each other. While American women may balk at adopting long, time-consuming skincare routines, they should consider integrating some of these products and devoting a little more time to cleansing and nourishing their skin.

Biofibre Hair Implant: A New Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Like anyone who is experiencing thinning hair, you’re probably anxious to find a solution. There are plenty of options out there, but most of them are merely stop-gap measures. Some, like combing over the hair or wearing a toupee, are outright embarrassing. Others are merely gimmicks that make you waste your hard-earned money. At a certain point, you may assume that you’re simply destined to going bald. Luckily, that’s not the case. Through a recommended Biofibre hair implant, you can fill in the thinning spots on your scalp to restore your hair to its previous condition. You might even be able to improve upon it!


What is Biofibre Hair?

Chances are you’re pretty wary about any big promises regarding hair loss. After all, there are lots of products on the market that do absolutely nothing to help. Biofibre hair implants are different. They’re made out of a synthetic material that’s completely biocompatible, which means that they are highly unlikely to be rejected by the body. That’s important because many artificial hair implants are made out of materials that cause bad reactions. Sure, they fill in your hair, but they cause unpleasant side effects. With Biofibre, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The only limitation to Biofibre, which is a hair implant from Malaysia, is that it can’t be dyed. Fortunately, it’s available in a stunning array of colours, so you don’t have to settle for something that won’t look terrific. Furthermore, it’s available in many different lengths and textures. You can also get Biofibre hair that’s straight, wavy or curly. With so many options, it’s a breeze to achieve a completely natural look. As an added bonus, once the implant is in, it doesn’t grow. Therefore, it keeps looking great for a very long time.


Watch Biofibre Hair Implant by Premier Clinic



How it Works

The actual Biofibre hairs are largely what make this treatment so unique. They’re soft and flexible, and they look every bit as real as natural hair. The procedure by which they are implanted is unique too, though. Special implanters, which are hook-shaped implements, are used to insert hairs one by one beneath the scalp. They’re tied off in knots that are easily reversed, so hairs can be removed quickly and effortlessly if needed. Many other hair implants are implanted in such a way that removing them is nearly impossible and typically involves an invasive, painful procedure. With Biofibre, you don’t have to worry about that.

Hair ImplantThe first step to achieving a full head of hair through Biofibre is sitting down for a consultation with an experienced physician. Your scalp and hair will be examined to determine where implants are needed and how many are required. Most people need anywhere from 800 to 1,500 hair implants, but it could turn out that you need fewer or more. It depends on the location of your thinning hair and on its extent. A talented doctor will be able to come up with a very accurate estimate. Each hair needs to be implanted separately, but the tools that are used make the process go fairly quickly.


Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair with Biofibre Hair Implants

Thanks to the anesthetics that are used before the procedure begins, you’ll stay comfortable throughout your Biofibre procedure. More importantly, you’ll walk out of the office with a much fuller head of hair. Keep in mind, however, that multiple sessions are usually required. Even so, it won’t take long for you to rid yourself of the bald spots and thinning patches that have made you so self-conscious for so long. With Biofibre, it’s finally possible to restore your hair in a safe, easy, effective and reversible way.

Skin Care Tips and Home Remedies – New York Skin Solutions


The skin is one of the most noticeable part of the body. Xerodermia, also known as ‘dry skin’ condition caused in the integument system. Not too severe dry skin conditions can be treated with moisturizers. However the treatment for overly dry skin requires more attention and can be treated with non invasive and non surgical procedures. The are largely 4 known skin types which are normal, dry, sensitive and oily skin. All four skin types must be treated separately as it has their own set of complications.

Many home remedies and help dry skin such as olive oil and egg yolk. This is by far the best home remedy treatment for dry skin. Olive oil has a natural antioxidant filled soaked with Vitamin E and K that works effectively when combined with egg yolks. Egg yolks carry with them a large amount of Vitamin A which reduces skin from shedding and ultimately making skin soft and smooth.

Another alternative is through using coconut oil. Coconut oil increases moisture dramatically instantly causing skin to feel softer and smoother. Filled with fatty acid that replaces loss of moisture from the skin. Some skin care experts advise for the coconut oil to remain on the surface of the skin for the whole night and to apply it on your skin every day and night for best results. But this is only advised for those who have normal to dry skin as this remedy may not be suitable for those with sensitive and acne prone skin. Those with sensitive and acne prone skin should refrain from perfumed and non-water based products as it creates a heavy finish to the skin while blocking the  pores.

New York Skin solutions uses 100% natural plant extracts which is tailored fit to suit the condition of your skin. This remedy is best for Asian skin and is highly recommended for those who are experiencing more than one skin problem including freckles, liver spots or age spots, pimples, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, milia, dark eye circles, crow’s feet, dehydrated and sensitive skin. According to the experts, crow’s feet is due to overexposure to UV rays, aging which causes the skin around the eye area to loosen and losing too much weight too fast.

It can be treated by replenishing moisture around the eyes, firming the skin around the eye area, boosting radiance in the pupils, and begin taking good care of your skin while still in your 20’s. All experts will tell you that prevention is better than cure. Start taking care of your skin early to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines when you’re older.

Hair Care Treatment Tips – Yun Nam Hair Care


There are many forms of hair treatment in the market today. Some of which can produce some of the amazing results. Of course all hair types are different and require, depending on the severity of the damage, more or less attention to.

For the last 20 years, Yun Nam Hair Care treatments have received numerous complaints from customers who claim to take intensive care for their hair but continue to experience all sorts of hair problems. Some of the most common hair problems are the Mediterranean hair loss, premature hair loss, premature greying, female hair loss, post natal hair loss, ring-shaped hair loss, dandruff, dry hair and oily scalp hair loss.

To date, there are at least 8 traditional herbs that are responsible for healthy hair growth as well and healthy scalp, a lot of which are used at Yun Nam Hair Care and some other minerals and herbs that are excellent for hair treatment and hair growth include jojoba oil, wheat germ, aloe vera or coconut milk, peppermint oil, lavender oil and rosemary.

This gave birth to a new set of hair treatment solutions, traditional herbs and western technology. Time and time gain, results showed that this mixture of herbs alongside western technology was not only effective but could prevent hair damage in the future. According to expert advice, if the hair follicle is healthy, hair would grow back quickly, within it’s normal cycle, the growth and rest time period is within 3 to 5 years and Asians have about 100,000 strands of hair, therefore dropping 50 to 100 strands a day is considered normal.

Rosemary could potentially be the most powerful and effective herb which has a multitude of hair health benefits. Both rosemary tea and rosemary oil are both equally used for hair care routines in general and used by most hair care experts.  The reason is simple, rosemary can stimulate hair follicles and cause hair to grow long and strong. It is also responsible for thinning hair, or premature loss of hair due to overheating and over-brushing.