How to Choose the Best Lipstick Color for Your Lips


The lipstick that you choose can make or break your entire look. The wrong shade of lipstick can become a distraction that takes away from your eyes or outfit. Picking a color is not easy especially today when so many different shades are available. Several tips will help you to choose the best lipstick color for you face and lips.

Start With Your Natural Lip Tone


The first step should be to find the lipstick shade that most closely matches the natural color of your lips. This is going to provide a good starting point. You are likely to find that lipstick one to two shades darker than your natural color will look very attractive. There are exceptions, however.

Consider Your Overall Skin Tone


You need to consider your overall skin tone as well. People with fair skin should pick lighter colored lipsticks to prevent a jarring appearance. Medium or olive-toned skin goes well with a classic red lipstick. If you have dark skin, then a darker color is going to look the best. Skin tone should always be considered along with your natural lip shade and hair color.

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Your Hair and Eye Color Matter


Your hair color matters because it can help to exclude certain lipsticks. The lipstick that you choose should not match your hair color too closely. This is important when choosing darker shades or if you have red or dyed hair. Matching hair and lipstick tends to create a closed appearance that will seem unnatural or monotone to most people. Eye color can also make a difference. The best lipstick should complement the color of your eyes whenever possible.

Choose Lighter Colors for Thin Lips


If you have thin lips, then lighter colors are going to be more attractive regardless of other facial or hair tones. Using dark colors on thin lips creates a very harsh and sharp look. This can eclipse eye makeup and make the face look unnatural. If your lips are exceptionally thin, then it is a good idea to look at nude lipstick shades.

Always Try Lipstick before Buying


A final tip is to try lipstick before buying whenever possible. The color on the bottom of the lipstick or on a display might not be accurate. The only real way to tell is to try a sample of the lipstick on to see how it looks under different lighting conditions in the store. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest beauty treatments and regimens.