Elianto stands for sunflower in Italian. A sunflower symbolizes an outstanding beauty, adoration, and longevity. Elianto uses soothing and nourishing botanical extracts to manufacture a makeup, fragrance and nail care line that is of the highest quality and at affordable prices.


Elianto makeup’s vast array of foundations


Foundation is essential for helping to cover up skin flaws such as uneven skin tone, spots, scars or pigmentation. Foundation can also help change the skin’s natural color temporarily.  The brand has a variety of foundation choices that are easy to blend, provide great coverage and also have moisturizing qualities.


The makeup line has something for everyone, from whitening formulas, to blemish concealers, to radiance-adding foundations, amongst many others, all which minimize pores, brighten, and protect the skin from free radicals and the sun’s harmful rays.


Elianto Pro Contour Kit

Having been brought to the limelight by Kim Kardashian, contouring has become popular worldwide, and Malaysia has quickly caught up with the trend. Contouring can enhance a woman’s natural look, by bringing out dimensions that would typically look flat. Elianto Pro Contour Kit has two shades of pigments for contouring, brightening, sculpting, highlighting and shading the forehead, jawline, eyes, cheekbones, and nose. The manufacturers have also infused each product with coconut and jojoba oil to soften and protect the skin.


Hand & Foot Cream

Rough hands and feet often display neglect and bad grooming. Nothing spells unattractive like wearing sandals with cracked heels or shaking hands with acquaintances or new people with rough hands. Sooth dry hands and feet using Elianto’s Hyaluronic Hydro Gel, Texas Aloe Vera Soothing Gel or Pomegranate Vita-Rich Gel. The creams are rich in vitamins and minerals and do not contain paraben, silicon, animal oils or artificial colors.


Elianto Nail care

Most people overlook the importance of using quality nail care such as nail polish, treatments or polish removers. The right products can stop nails from chipping and looking unhealthy. Nail polish can match an attire, mood or personality and the brand has a vast palette of colors. Elianto strawberry and grape lacquer removers remove every trace of polish without irritating the nails or the skin around them.


Elianto fragrances

Body sprays and mists can enhance the body’s natural scent. A fragrance can also conceal that not so pleasant odor, especially on those hot summer days. Elianto has fragrances ideal for any day, night, season, mood or occasion.


Elianto Lipsticks

Elianto lipsticks come in different colors and types. Whether a client wants a nude, colorful, matte or glossy look, the lipsticks moisturize and protect the lips from free radicals.


Makeup removers

A makeup remover is something that every woman should have on her dresser. A remover helps to clean makeup off the skin the right way, without damaging the skin. The brand has an assortment of tissues and liquids that efficiently remove eye makeup, lip makeup and general body make up whether waterproof or long-wearing. The brand infuses the makeup removers with botanical extracts like cucumber, aloe vera, green tea amongst many others to hydrate, moisturize and refresh the face.


Elianto makeup is versatile, affordable and fashion-forward. The above list comprises of things that make up and beauty lovers in Malaysia should have, to help enhance natural beauty or complete their look from head to toe.