Essential Skin Pigmentation Tips


Skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes a discolouring of the skin. This makes it loose its original tone. Normally, the colour of the skin emanates from a pigment known as melanin. This pigment is manufactured by specialised cells found under the skin. When they get damaged through chemical imbalances, melanin production is greatly affected. This condition causes the skin to have patches. In severe cases, the entire body loses its tone and may get darker or lighter. This depends on whether melanin is being under produced or overproduced.

Causes of Pigmentation 

The most common cause of skin pigments is over exposure to dangerous radiations from ultraviolet rays and excessive heat. This causes an imbalance in the structure of the melanin-manufacturing cells. As a result, melanin production is altered thus leading to pigmentation. Physical injuries on the surface of the skin may leave a minor infection, which can develop into a discolouring with time. Research has shown that illnesses such as jaundice can cause discoloration of the skin. Some medications may also be a causal factor.

Home Remedy Tips 

1) Potatoes 

It has been proven that potatoes have the ability to completely eliminate skin pigments and any other undesirable spots. Those who want to try out this remedy at home ought to gently rub a freshly chopped piece of potato on the blotches on a daily basis. A better alternative to this intervention is the application of potato juice on the affected areas.

2) Aloe Vera 

The healing prowess of this plant is widely documented. Its natural sap has a relaxing effect on the skin. This, coupled with its diverse healing abilities, makes it the go-to remedy for anyone suffering from skin disorders. Sap derived from the leaves of the aloe plant should be applied on the affected area for no less than 20 minutes each day. It helps remove the old skin and replaces it with a new pigment-free layer.

3) Milk and Honey 

A blend of these two products has a magical effect of the skin. It helps marsh off skin whose cells have been affected. It also boosts the generation of new skin, which is free of pigments and has healthy cells.

4) Cucumber Juice 

This is one of the most effective ways that can be sued to eliminate the discoloration. The use of lemon juice should particularly be encouraged amongst those that have excessive melanin production, which causes darkening of the skin. It helps lighten any dark spots on the skin. For better results, it is advisable to use a mixture of cucumber juice and honey. The blend needs to be applied once a day on the plagued areas and left to dry for half an hour before being washed of.

Medical Interventions Available 

In as much as this condition poses no medical threat to the patient, they have the option of seeking treatment at an aesthetic clinic. These medical facilities mostly offer Ulthera or laser treatment for acne scars procedure, which entails resurfacing of the skin. It is quite effective because it leaves the skin without blemishes. Besides this, those who undergo it are often left with a youthful appearance.