A Guide on Biofibre Hair Implants and Where to Get It in Malaysia

Many people in Malaysia have turned to biofibre hair implants to help address their hair loss issue. The technique is far superior to many alternatives in the market. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, which means the method requires no stitches, no scalpels, no pain, no blood loss, and no bed rest.


What’s more, the hair line appears more natural and appealing following the transplantation therapy. The following guide will talk about biofibre hair implants, and where people can get treatment in Malaysia.


What are Biofibre Hair Implants?


Biofibre hair transplant is a simple surgical procedure, which involves fixing of artificial hair that’s compatible with the human body. The synthetic hair is inserted piece-by-piece into a particular area experiencing hair loss or balding. This treatment technique is usually safe.

What Are the Main Benefits?


This method has helped a lot of people gather confidence in themselves, as the new artificial hair feels and looks completely natural after the procedure. It also blends in seamlessly, giving people a head full of thick and strong hair that’s aesthetically pleasing.


Other top benefits of biofibre hair implants include greater hair density, aesthetic and natural results, and no required downtime following implants. Also, implants can be a stand-alone treatment or combined with other techniques, hair thickening is gradual and progressive, and the treatment method is very straightforward, quick, painless, and reversible.


The Drawback of Biofibre Hair Implants


Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing the treatment lasts for a few years after which repeat implants should be administered to maintain hair density and aesthetics. Scalp hygiene and aftercare are both pivotal to maintain the natural appearance. So, the implants shouldn’t be used on people with scalp diseases.


How it Works


More often than not, a light dermatologic surgery deals with all issues surrounding balding satisfactorily. No specific number of artificial hair can be planted in the scalp, as this much depends on the area and size being treated.


It’s a viable treatment for both men and women undergoing any stage of alopecia (hair loss). Maintenance is carried out with small quantities of repeat implants at regular schedules to ensure the amount of hair thickness stays constant.


The hair is devised from a biocompatible medical fibre that relays very minimal body reactions in a patient. Before regular sessions, these body responses can be detected and mitigated effectively. Biofibre hair can also be fixed in one piece for the hair restoration or any other scalp treatments to take place.


Do Patients Experience Any Side-Effects After Treatment??


Safety is not a big issue, as each strand has a reversible knot which allows for easy removal when needed. All the same, the hairs seem impervious to mechanical, physical and chemical stress, and most patients are happy with the final aesthetic results.


Minor inflammations may occur after treatment, but this should not worry you because the issue is easily resolved. After therapy, the surgeon should advise you of any potential or minor complications associated with the treatment.



Dealing with and combating hair loss is not as simple as it looks. With countless herbal treatments and hair products in the market, it can be hard to determine the best option for your hair.


Biofibre hair implant is the most effective hair implant treatment for those who want to skip the tyranny of products out there. It’s also a great option for those who want to get a lasting impression after their hair loss or balding issue is fixed.


Where to Get Biofibre Hair Implants in Malaysia?


Hair implants in Malaysia is a booming business such that there are about 46 hair transplant clinics in the country! Most clinics usually offer a free consultation and competitive prices.  You’ll be treated by highly experienced and friendly doctors.


Also, most clinics use well-known and proven brands of product and machines to ensure impressive results and minimal side effects. If you’re losing your hair at a faster speed than usual, visit any biofibre hair transplant clinic near you today to get a long lasting solution for your hair loss.