A Guide on Biofibre Hair Implants and Where to Get It in Malaysia

Many people in Malaysia have turned to biofibre hair implants to help address their hair loss issue. The technique is far superior to many alternatives in the market. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, which means the method requires no stitches, no scalpels, no pain, no blood loss, and no bed rest.


What’s more, the hair line appears more natural and appealing following the transplantation therapy. The following guide will talk about biofibre hair implants, and where people can get treatment in Malaysia.


What are Biofibre Hair Implants?


Biofibre hair transplant is a simple surgical procedure, which involves fixing of artificial hair that’s compatible with the human body. The synthetic hair is inserted piece-by-piece into a particular area experiencing hair loss or balding. This treatment technique is usually safe.

What Are the Main Benefits?


This method has helped a lot of people gather confidence in themselves, as the new artificial hair feels and looks completely natural after the procedure. It also blends in seamlessly, giving people a head full of thick and strong hair that’s aesthetically pleasing.


Other top benefits of biofibre hair implants include greater hair density, aesthetic and natural results, and no required downtime following implants. Also, implants can be a stand-alone treatment or combined with other techniques, hair thickening is gradual and progressive, and the treatment method is very straightforward, quick, painless, and reversible.


The Drawback of Biofibre Hair Implants


Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing the treatment lasts for a few years after which repeat implants should be administered to maintain hair density and aesthetics. Scalp hygiene and aftercare are both pivotal to maintain the natural appearance. So, the implants shouldn’t be used on people with scalp diseases.


How it Works


More often than not, a light dermatologic surgery deals with all issues surrounding balding satisfactorily. No specific number of artificial hair can be planted in the scalp, as this much depends on the area and size being treated.


It’s a viable treatment for both men and women undergoing any stage of alopecia (hair loss). Maintenance is carried out with small quantities of repeat implants at regular schedules to ensure the amount of hair thickness stays constant.


The hair is devised from a biocompatible medical fibre that relays very minimal body reactions in a patient. Before regular sessions, these body responses can be detected and mitigated effectively. Biofibre hair can also be fixed in one piece for the hair restoration or any other scalp treatments to take place.


Do Patients Experience Any Side-Effects After Treatment??


Safety is not a big issue, as each strand has a reversible knot which allows for easy removal when needed. All the same, the hairs seem impervious to mechanical, physical and chemical stress, and most patients are happy with the final aesthetic results.


Minor inflammations may occur after treatment, but this should not worry you because the issue is easily resolved. After therapy, the surgeon should advise you of any potential or minor complications associated with the treatment.



Dealing with and combating hair loss is not as simple as it looks. With countless herbal treatments and hair products in the market, it can be hard to determine the best option for your hair.


Biofibre hair implant is the most effective hair implant treatment for those who want to skip the tyranny of products out there. It’s also a great option for those who want to get a lasting impression after their hair loss or balding issue is fixed.


Where to Get Biofibre Hair Implants in Malaysia?


Hair implants in Malaysia is a booming business such that there are about 46 hair transplant clinics in the country! Most clinics usually offer a free consultation and competitive prices.  You’ll be treated by highly experienced and friendly doctors.


Also, most clinics use well-known and proven brands of product and machines to ensure impressive results and minimal side effects. If you’re losing your hair at a faster speed than usual, visit any biofibre hair transplant clinic near you today to get a long lasting solution for your hair loss.

Belif Products Malaysia: Cosmetics Aplenty

belif cosmetic skincare makeup cleansing cleanser product online shopping store malaysia singapore thailand vietnam cambodia indonesia australia canada2

Belif is a popular skincare line from Korea well loved by K-Pop stars and beauty vloggers alike. The line features skincare products formulated from apothecary herbal ingredients combined with Korean technology to achieve that glowing, supple skin for all ages. If you want to maintain the perfect youthful skin in no time, these 10 Belif products should be in your beauty kit immediately:

  1. The True Whitening Essence Besides brightening your dull skin and making your skin more glowy, Belif’s The True Whitening Essence also helps to fade and improve scars on your face and is made from natural nutmeg and oat seed. Best to be used after toner, the essence is also suitable for all skin type.
  2. The True Whitening Spot Balm The spot balm has a mochi or marshmallow-like texture, and helps to cover up your dark spots and blemishes naturally. The whitening balm is made from sweet almond oil and nutmeg. The product, which is also suitable for all skin type, is best used after you apply an essence or serum.
  3. Anti Wrinkle Essence If you want to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles or fine lines and smooth the texture of your skin, apply this Anti Wrinkle Essence. Suitable for all skin type, the product contains only natural ingredients and zero synthetic ingredients.
  4. Anti Wrinkle Spot Care With this product, you can hydrate your skin and treat your wrinkles around the eyes and lips carefully and efficiently during the day or night. The spot care is loaded with natural herb basil, which contains high beta-carotene.Belif-UV-Protector-Leports-Shaking-Sunscreen-50ml_01
  5. UV Protector Leports Shaking Sunscreen Sunscreen is a must if you truly care about your skin. It helps slow down aging signs as well as protect yourself from skin-related diseases and cancer. This product is a light powdery block with milky cream-like texture that can be applied on your face and body. Formulated from Noni herb, the sunscreen is non-oily and non-sticky.
  6. Glazing Water Mist The hydration mist helps to shine and smooth the skin, all while maintaining the skin’s illumination and moisture. Formulated from Harrogate Water, which is loaded with minerals and oxygen, the product is perfect for hydration.
  7. First Aid Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask Your skin deserves a constant hydration even while you sleep, and this sleeping mask with natto-like texture restores the vitality of your skin and provides nourishment overnight. The product is also suitable for all skin type.
  8. The True Whitening Clear Toning Water Prevent further acne breakout by removing the remaining dead skin cells or leftover makeup with this deep-cleansing toner. The water type whitening toner also helps to provide moisture to your skin while cleaning your face without irritating the skin. Formulated with marshmallow root extracts, the toner is also suitable for all skin type.
  9. Mild and Effective Facial Scrub This natural 2-in-1 facial scrub efficiently and gently helps to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, without redness or irritation. Made from a natural scrubbing agent called Lygodii Spora to remove dead skin cells, the exfoliating scrub is suitable for oily and combination skin types. Use after cleansing.
  10. 3-In-1 Moisturising Bomb Cushion This hydrating bomb cushion features a 3-in-1 function of anti-wrinkle, whitening, and UV protection. Available in three different shades, which are light beige, natural beige, and pink, the moisturising bomb cushion provides coverage and skin moisture for 26 hours long. Formulated from a key herbal ingredient known as Comfrey Leaf, the non-sticky product has an SPF value of 50 for extra protection.

You can conveniently purchase any of the recommended Belif products online in MalaysiaBelif products online in Malaysia. There are plenty of online beauty stores in Malaysia carrying the line, offering the best deals for more saving. For more information about the Belif products, you can also visit the brand’s official Malaysian page. There’s also a special skincare line for men if you need to buy some for your significant other!

The Best Hair Removal Treatments In Malaysia You Need to Know Now


Unwanted hair is both normal and natural. However, it is not a secret that a thick bush can sometimes be annoying as it may have an impact on one’s appearance.

The good thing is that through today’s technology, all unwanted hair on any of areas of your body can be eliminated and these treatments are widely available in Malaysia

There are three most common treatments to remove hair permanently namely, Electrolysis, Intense Pulse Light, and Laser.Can-You-Shave-Between-Laser-Hair-Removal-Treatments

  1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is one method of hair removal which uses a device that destroys hair growth center through heat or chemical energy. After, the hair is removed to the very follicle using a tweezer.

This method can be done in most parts of the body such as the face, abdomen, eyebrows, chest, breasts, legs and thighs. It is common for redness and slight stinging to occur on the area of the body where the electrolysis has been done but it will be gone in no time.

There is no standard timeframe within which electrolysis may work its magic and give you the result you’ve been dreaming of. Results of the method may vary from person to person. Thus, it would be best to undergo this treatment as much as necessary. This procedure costs around RM 213.70 per session depending on the size of the area to be treated.

  1. Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light or IPL hair removal is one of the most common hair removal methods nowadays. This procedure uses multiple wavelengths that penetrate the skin.  These wavelengths are absorbed by the skin as they directly target the hair follicles. What makes IPL a good permanent hair removal choice is that it targets coarser and darker hair like the ones on your underarm and facial hair for men. This treatment costs around RM 600 per session. However, you may also avail of package treatment to save money.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is also a popular choice in eliminating unwanted hair permanently. It is closely similar to Intense Pulse Light procedure. However, it only uses a single wavelength to target hair follicles. Once exposed to the wavelength, the hair follicles are destroyed; hence no more hair growth.

Laser hair removal is a good choice if you intend to remove hairs from your leg, face, arm, bikini line, underarm, and other areas.

Lasers from this treatment can also target dark and coarse hair like the IPL without harming the surrounding skin. Furthermore, this treatment is outstanding in terms of speed as it could eliminate many hairs at once. Areas as small as the upper lip can be treated at about a minute while larger areas may take up to 30 minutes to an hour. This treatment costs around RM 1005.

Results of this method may also vary depending on the patient but it is observed that patients see less hair growth to permanent hair loss after at least three (3) to eight (8) sessions.

What Preparations Should You Make for Permanent Hair Removal?

If you are interested in any of the above methods to remove any of your unwanted hair, you may take into consideration the following advice:

  • Before undergoing any treatment, ensure that you are in safe hands. Check the credential of the clinic as well as its staff • Avoid plucking, waxing, and tweezing any hair you intend to remove at least six weeks before your desired treatment.  •         Limit sun exposure at least six weeks before the treatment as it makes hair removal treatment less effective. It may also cause complications after the treatment._ca140ac2-4cb1-11e6-a5f1-138dd21979a8

What to Expect after the Treatment?

  • After the treatment, expect some reddening of the skin. You may apply cold compress to ease the feeling. • Wear sunscreen the following month after the treatment to prevent discoloration on the treated skin

Eliminating unwanted hair is always an option. If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned treatment, contact the nearest aesthetician or clinics offering these types of service to get that hairless body you are aiming for.

Face Wash for Acne: How to Regain Youthful Skin in 5 Simple Steps

Having acne-prone skin can sometimes diminish your confidence, especially when you’re going to an important event like a job interview, or even your wedding day. While genetics plays a significant role in giving you acne-prone skin, it doesn’t mean you can never have clear, youthful skin. With the right skincare routine and using the right face wash for acne, you’ll regain youthful skin in no time. Find out how you can restore youthful skin in five simple steps:


STEP 1: Eat foods that help reduce breakouts

To reduce further breakout, you’ll need to get to the sources: the foods you consume. Watch your diet: have you eaten anything that triggers the breakout of acne? You’ll need to avoid foods such as pizza, ice cream, chocolate, chips, bagel, cookie, cake, pretzel, white rice and bread, and processed cereals. If possible, eliminate them completely from your diet. If not, try to limit your intake. Get youthful skin fast by eating foods that help to reduce breakouts, such as avocado, red grapes, nuts, artichoke, brown rice, broccoli, fish, and garlic. Prevent breakout by increasing your intake of fresh veggies and fruits.

STEP 2: Cleanse your face thoroughly but gently

For acne-prone skin, you can only wash your face using a soft washcloth or your fingertips. Avoid rough scrubbing pads at all cost as not only they hurt your face, but they also cause friction that will lead to a breakout. Start cleansing your face before moving on to the front and back sides of your ears, jawline, and neck. For those with mild breakouts, use a face wash for acne that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which you can easily purchase at any pharmacy or beauty store. If you’re already using an acne medication prescribed by your dermatologist, it’s best if you use a non-medicated cleanser that is gentle and unscented. Avoid harsh bar soaps at all cost.


STEP 3: Apply toner to remove excess oil

If you’re wearing makeup, it’s more important than ever that you double wash your face at night. Those with makeup tend to have sweatier and dirtier skin, not to mention all the dirt and the bacteria from your surroundings finding their way to your skin. This makes toners or astringents an important part of your skincare routine. They contain acne-fighting ingredients and help to remove dirt and excess oil on the skin, preventing a further breakout.

Avoid alcohol-based toners as they can sting your face, and opt for alcohol-free toners instead. However, not everyone needs to use toners. In some cases, it’s best that you skip on them, especially if you’re already using acne medications prescribed by your dermatologist. Consult with your doctor to see whether you really need a toner or not. Apply your toner to a cotton pad or ball to remove oil, residue, and leftover makeup.

STEP 4: Apply acne treatment gels or creams

Once toner has been applied and dried out, it’s time to use your acne treatment gels or creams as prescribed by your dermatologist. When the acne treatment has been used, remember to let it be absorbed and completely dry before you move on to the final step.



STEP 5: Apply oil-free moisturizers

Last but not least is to use oil-free moisturizers to your skin for some hydration. You may already have oily skin, but that doesn’t mean it no longer needs to be hydrated. Use noncomedogenic and oil-free moisturizing lotions or gels to reduce peeling or dry skin. Apply your moisturizer twice on a daily basis.

For the best results, always follow the steps in the right order and use the right products to avoid a further breakout. Never miss a step or wash your face in the wrong order to keep your face as clean as possible. Your acne-prone face must always be cleaned every morning and at night, whether during your showers or before bedtime. In addition to using the right face wash for acne, remember to apply your acne treatment medications as prescribed by your dermatologist.

4 Common Smoothie Making Mistakes You’re Probably Doing

Nothing says “healthy living” quite as well as a homemade smoothie. Combining a delicious blend of your favorite fruits and vegetables, these kitchen creations can keep you feeling full and lively all throughout the day. That’s why for many health buffs, a blender is an invaluable daily essential that should always be at the ready.

But while making a homemade smoothie might seem simple and straightforward enough, there are a bunch of things you might be doing wrong. Not only will these errors affect the quality of your concoctions, but they might also put your beloved blender at risk.

Find out what 5 mistakes most of us make when using a blender by checking out this short list.


4 Common Mistakes People Make When Using a Blender


  1. Packing in the ingredients

We tend to get a little trigger happy when it comes to placing fruits and vegetables into a blender to make into a smoothie. Operating under the idea that the outcomes are potentially endless, many of us tend to get a little too creative and push the bounds of what should actually be acceptable.

When making a homemade smoothie, less is always more. Don’t try packing in as much produce as your blender can accommodate and instead, think of the taste you want to achieve. Putting too many ingredients at once could make your smoothie muddy and discolored. Plus, your blender’s blades can only handle so much. Don’t overburden the motor with too many fruits and veggies to process all at once.


  1. Using big chunks of ice

Craving for a delicious, cold treat to cool you down? An ice blended smoothie might sound like the perfect remedy, but be warned. Forcing your blender to process big chunks of ice can damage the blades and overwork the motor.

Instead of throwing ice in as blocks, cut them down to size first with an ice pick. Smaller chunks of ice are much easier to blend, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your blender. Plus, using smaller pieces of ice helps guarantee that you won’t run into an unexpected ice block while you chug down your smoothie.


  1. Adding ingredients because they’re “healthy”

Generally speaking, if you choose to use organic, natural ingredients for your smoothie, it will always be healthy. The mistake is adding in ingredients that you don’t necessarily like simply because they’ve been labelled as a super food that’s chocked full of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, you might not like kale, but because of the countless research that’s confirmed its benefits, you try to fit it into your recipes only to come up with substandard flavored smoothies. Cut the pretences and stick to flavors, fruits, and vegetables you actually like. This will make it much more enjoyable for you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Overestimating the power of the blades

Your blender was likely made to meet certain durability standards, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. Those blades can only take so much, and when they break, you might find yourself having to buy a whole new blender all together.


Don’t get too confident with your blades and spend a little more time to prep your produce to make sure your blender won’t get busted after use. Remove the seeds, make sure they’re properly peeled, and don’t pop in ingredients that may be too tough for it to handle. Your blender will thank you.

Keep your juice blender in proper shape and make sure to avoid these mistakes. In doing this, you can expect a longer blender life and more delicious smoothies for many years to come.

3 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Be Without UV Cream

With global temperatures on the rise, it’s becoming much easier to sustain damage to the different parts of our bodies. The first and most affected structure is our skin, which serves the purpose of our first line of defense. As UVA and UVB rays start to overpower our immediate environment, our skin is put at risk of severe damage, aesthetic issues, and potentially even cancer.

Fortunately, protecting your skin has been made a lot easier with the dawn of UV cream. This product aims to up the ante against sun damaged skin and promises to minimize the damage caused by different types of UV rays. If you’re still not sure if you should include UV cream to your daily skin care regimen, these three reasons should tell you exactly why it’s a must.

3 Reasons to Include UV Cream in Your Daily Skincare Routine


  1. Protection from Sun Damage

This has to be the first and most important reason to include UV cream in your daily routine. Step out into the sunlight without the cool shade of an umbrella or the protection of a UV cream, and you’re bound to feel the burning sensation of the sunlight as it scorches your skin.

That stinging burn that you feel is the effect of UV rays. These rays come in two major variations – UVA and UVB. The former is able to penetrate deep into your skin, causing damage to your dermis and encouraging the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The latter on the other hand, burns the topmost layer of the skin and is a key contributor to the development of cancer. By protecting your skin with a thick layer of UV cream before any sort of sun exposure, you help your body curb these dangers.


  1. Discoloration Prevention

We’ve all experienced the uneven skin tone of summer sun. When you expose more areas of your skin to sunlight than others, you’re likely to develop an uneven tan. For most of us, this can be an unsightly problem that takes a long time to resolve.

Fortunately, there are better ways to prevent this issue than trying to hide from the sun at every turn. UV cream can protect your skin from too much darkening, which can in turn keep you from having to deal with a t-shirt tan. Just be sure to minimize sun exposure and only step out when it’s necessary.


  1. Feels Light on the Skin

The main reason why most of us try to steer clear of sunscreen or sunblock is because these products tend to feel heavy, thick, and sticky on the skin no matter how long it’s been since they were applied. This is because sun protection lotions don’t absorb properly into the skin, and just stay on the surface as a protective barrier instead of seeping into the pores.

UV cream is developed to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, leaving you feeling as though you don’t have any product on in the first place. This makes it much more comfortable to apply even on areas such as the face that tend to get oily as the day goes by.


Be sure to massage the cream into your skin and leave it to absorb for a few minutes before applying anything else or going out into the sunlight. This will help maximize its benefits and keep your skin properly hydrated as go through your routine.

The sun can be your skin’s worst enemy, but only if you leave it unprotected. Be sure to grab some of the best UV cream you can find to keep your skin healthy, flawless, and sun-damage free throughout the heat of the summer sunlight.

5 Ways to Protect Your Skin from The Heat and Humidity in Malaysia

As a tropical country, Malaysia has a climate that is hot and humid throughout the year. Sun exposure can cause coarse wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, and worst, skin cancer. To avoid any of these heat-related illnesses, you will need a skin care regimen. Keep reading to learn the effective ways of protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits.


  1. Apply sunscreen before sun exposure. Should you use sunscreen on a daily basis? Yes, especially if you are always outside. You should use it 15-30 minutes before going under the sun. Reapplication every two hours is also advised, especially after doing activities that make the sunscreen wear off even faster such as sweating or swimming.
  1. Cleanse using a gel cleanser. This cleanser is typically lightweight, so it works best in hot weather. Use the cleanser day and night to keep your skin free of shine.


  1. Use a pore refining toner after cleansing. Pores get bigger in hot weather because the heat increases perspiration. After cleaning your face with a gentle scrub, follow with a toner to further tighten the pores.
  1. Pick a moisturizer that matches your skin type. It can be a bit tricky to select which moisturizer to use in a humid country. You might be thinking about skipping this part since over moisturizing can clog your pores. Invest in a lightweight moisturizer that does not contain petroleum, mineral oil or silicones when you have oily skin. When you have dry skin, use cream with lasting hydration.


  1. Get a facial treatment. Give your skin some loving and exfoliate your skin with a gentle facial scrub. Regular facials can help keep your pores clear.


Your skin serves as the largest barrier against infection and other harmful environmental aggressors such as UV rays and germs. It is essential to keep our barrier safe and protected so investing on products for our skin is not only for beauty purposes. You need to protect your skin for your overall health.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Negative Effects & Natural Preventative Tips


Time has a strange way of affecting a person’s life and body. One of the areas that time and life has a significant effect on is a women’s vagina. The vagina may stretch over time or after having children. Women who have birthed an especially heavy child may have to deal with a stretched vagina. But there are a few things that can be done regarding laser vaginal rejuvenation.


Why is it Important to Worry About Vaginal Aging?

There are several reasons why you should worry about vaginal aging. One issue that arises affects a women’s self-esteem. This could be rooted in the fact that vaginal aging looks unappealing to some women, which could make her self-conscious when she is intimate with someone.

Plus, more and more women are becoming aware of how they want their private areas to look due to the internet and magazines. Not to mention the fact that more women shave that area completely. Many women are going through beautification processes to achieve the perfect look, which could add to feelings of self-consciousness if your area does not appear appealing.

Another issue that might contribute to a woman’s self-esteem problem is that sexual activity might decrease. Your sexual partner may have trouble adjusting to the change, which could make you feel undesirable. Some women also experience less sexual satisfaction as well.

Some women may also experience vaginal dryness or atrophy. This could include symptoms like itching, irritation, or pain while having intercourse.

Natural Solutions to Rejuvenate the Vagina

There are a few things that can be done to help reduce the chances of an aged vagina. This can be done naturally. For one, it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Weight fluctuations tend to stretch the vagina. You should also know that it is preferable to stick with fewer sexual partners because varying male membranes could also contribute to over-stretching.

You can also try to contract your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds. And this should be done about 100 times a day to keep the pelvic floor toned. You should try to do this exercise while having sex. Be sure to do this while on top of your sexual partner, as it is easier to contract the pelvic muscles in this position.

But one should understand that these preventative measures, as well as the exercise, will not reverse severe aging. At this point you need consider an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, which could help rejuvenate or beautify aged genitals. Many women who have gone through this procedure have been extremely satisfied.

It has been shown that the procedure has positive effects like a more active sexual life and much more sexual pleasure. A woman also regains her self-esteem due to the procedure. It is important to talk to your doctor about what you want and any questions that you might have before undergoing the procedure. The point is to be completely happy, and to accomplish that, there needs to be open communication between you and your doctor.


Essential Skin Pigmentation Tips


Skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes a discolouring of the skin. This makes it loose its original tone. Normally, the colour of the skin emanates from a pigment known as melanin. This pigment is manufactured by specialised cells found under the skin. When they get damaged through chemical imbalances, melanin production is greatly affected. This condition causes the skin to have patches. In severe cases, the entire body loses its tone and may get darker or lighter. This depends on whether melanin is being under produced or overproduced.

Causes of Pigmentation 

The most common cause of skin pigments is over exposure to dangerous radiations from ultraviolet rays and excessive heat. This causes an imbalance in the structure of the melanin-manufacturing cells. As a result, melanin production is altered thus leading to pigmentation. Physical injuries on the surface of the skin may leave a minor infection, which can develop into a discolouring with time. Research has shown that illnesses such as jaundice can cause discoloration of the skin. Some medications may also be a causal factor.

Home Remedy Tips 

1) Potatoes 

It has been proven that potatoes have the ability to completely eliminate skin pigments and any other undesirable spots. Those who want to try out this remedy at home ought to gently rub a freshly chopped piece of potato on the blotches on a daily basis. A better alternative to this intervention is the application of potato juice on the affected areas.

2) Aloe Vera 

The healing prowess of this plant is widely documented. Its natural sap has a relaxing effect on the skin. This, coupled with its diverse healing abilities, makes it the go-to remedy for anyone suffering from skin disorders. Sap derived from the leaves of the aloe plant should be applied on the affected area for no less than 20 minutes each day. It helps remove the old skin and replaces it with a new pigment-free layer.

3) Milk and Honey 

A blend of these two products has a magical effect of the skin. It helps marsh off skin whose cells have been affected. It also boosts the generation of new skin, which is free of pigments and has healthy cells.

4) Cucumber Juice 

This is one of the most effective ways that can be sued to eliminate the discoloration. The use of lemon juice should particularly be encouraged amongst those that have excessive melanin production, which causes darkening of the skin. It helps lighten any dark spots on the skin. For better results, it is advisable to use a mixture of cucumber juice and honey. The blend needs to be applied once a day on the plagued areas and left to dry for half an hour before being washed of.

Medical Interventions Available 

In as much as this condition poses no medical threat to the patient, they have the option of seeking treatment at an aesthetic clinic. These medical facilities mostly offer Ulthera or laser treatment for acne scars procedure, which entails resurfacing of the skin. It is quite effective because it leaves the skin without blemishes. Besides this, those who undergo it are often left with a youthful appearance.

5 Makeup Products for a Flawless Skin


Having a glowing and flawless skin attracts attention to a person faster than a magnet. Most people use makeup to achieve facial perfection. Proper use of some facial makeup can bring you closer to perfection. Here are essential makeup products as a woman you should invest in and ways of applying them for a flawless look. The good thing is that you can do your shopping online and get all of these products.

1. Moisturizer
It is always about the base. A good moisturizer keeps your face looking healthy. You can buy online a moisturizer with SPF, instead of applying both a moisturizer and sunscreen.
• Use a wooden spatula or cotton swab to scoop your moisturizer. Using the fingers may contaminate the rest.
• Warm it in your hands then apply it on your face neck and the earlobes for full coverage.

2. Foundation
There are two types of foundations. The Banila Co CC Cream has lighter coverage foundation perfect for everyday use. It is convenient for office professionals. Then there is the full coverage foundation which is heavier and suitable for events with photo sessions.
• Choose a Foundation matching the colour of your neck and jawline so as to achieve a blend.
• Pour it on your fingertips rub and then apply.
• Use a brush or sponge to spread it on your face and buff.


3. Concealer
Concealer hides the dark circles under the eyes, dark spots and other blemishes. To avoid too much layering, only apply Concealer to the parts with the blemish.
• Combining a lighter and darker shade of Concealer always gives the best results. Do a trial before on the back of your hand to obtain the level of shading you need.
• Apply the final shade on the blemished parts with a brush. Use your fingertips to press it in.


4. Powder
Powder helps to set the foundation. It prevents you from looking too shiny and gives you a smooth finish to iron out any bumps.
• To apply powder use a puff over it; this makes it easy to press the powder on the face.
• A Puff-up sets the foundation without leaving any parts with more of the powder.


5. Eye shadow
Depending on how you use your eye shadow your eyes will tell your state of emotions. To begin with always go for cream eye shadows that lasts longer than the powder ones. Lighter eye shadow makes your facial feature pop. They are good for a playful party look. Darker shadows, on the other hand, hide any creases and give a calm composed look.
• Apply eye shadow with your fingertips, fading it out as you get to the edges of the eyes to blend with your foundation.
• Always start applying the shadow at the centre of the eye. It should be more concentrated there and blended out on the edges.



If you are a first timer in using the products, it will not be perfect at first. Practice a lot so that by the time you want to go somewhere in a rush you already know what to do. You can always buy makeup online in Malaysia. It is better as you get to research more on the product than have a salesperson talking you into buying.