Three Tips For a Flawless Rockabilly Look.


There are few things more stunning than a well-executed rockabilly look. The clothes, the hair, the shoes and the accessories of this Americana, pin-up fashion style are edgy and vintage all at the same time. Rockabilly makeup is no different. While being bold, the simplicity of the makeup style makes it seem easy. Quite the contrary. This traditional and sexy look requires key elements and precise execution.


Rockabilly Foundation
The foundation of any makeup style is important, but it is especially important when trying to achieve an authentic rockabilly look. The ultimate goal is to have the flawless look of a vintage Hollywood movie star, which means even and blemish free skin. Unfortunately, there are not many of us with that luxury so the need for concealer, foundation or face powder may be necessary. A concealer will help to cover any blemishes or marks that need to be hidden, foundation will help even the tone off the skin, and the face powder will help to combat oily skin. Make sure when picking each element of your foundational makeup that you match it as evenly as possible to the tone of your skin. Also make sure that you begin each day with a facial cleansing routine to make sure that your skin is as healthy and blemish free as possible. This will allow for a great base for all of your makeup styles. Loreal has a wide selection of foundation and facial care products that are sure to help give your skin that glamorous glow.


Rockabilly Eyes
The dramatic and precise look of this vintage eye makeup is one of the rockabilly signatures. While the color of the eye and brow can vary, typically the colour pallate for the eyeshadow is natural and somewhat close to the colour of your foundation. Accent colours may be used but should be subtle. The real stars of the show are the eyeliner and the mascara.

The eyeliner should be bold. The top lid line should be thick to draw attention. How thick depends on the shape and size of your eye, but the important thing to remember is that the top lid liner should come to a very fine and exact point past the eye pointing toward the temple. Bottom liner is optional but should be fine lined and used for definition. White liner can be used on the top side of the bottom lid behind the lashes to give eyes a wider look.

Full and fluttering eyelashes are a signature trademark of the rockabilly pin-up look. Be sure to use a mascara that volumizes and lengths to maximize the effect. Regardless of whether you use Maybelline in Malaysia or America, they supply many different mascara choices to help you attain the dramatic lash look you want. Some use false lashes in addition to mascara.


Rockabilly Lips
This American vintage glamour style is also known for its bold lip colour. Whatever the choice in colour it should be exciting and bright. Red is the classic and traditional colour of the Rockabilly style. Whatever colour you choose make sure that if you use a lipliner that it is an exact match to the lipcolour you choose.

Whether you are going to a special event or simply would like to diversify your fashion, trying on the makeup style and Hollywood glamour of the rockabilly style. Online shopping has made getting the makeup you need to get the look you want easier than ever.