Are you looking for the most effective ways to reduce eye puffiness naturally?


When people see us, one of the first things they do is look us in the eye to make eye contact. Now, if our eyes are puffy it makes us uncomfortable and also makes the person we’re talking to likely to stare. Puffy eyes also make applying Avance Japan eye makeup difficult. So does this mean you’ll have to buy expensive puffiness reducing eye creams? Thankfully, there are natural remedies out there. However, it’s worth noting the following different reasons why our eyes get puffy:



  • Vitamin deficiency


  • Kidney disorder


  • A diet high in sodium


  • Sleep disorder


  • Allergy


  • Poor quality eye cosmetics.



Now that you know what may be causing your eyes to become puffy, let’s look at the best ways to correct this problem.


1. Increase Your Vitamin Intake


Doctors say it time and time again that we all need to eat a balanced diet. This means eating foods that are rich in vitamins and other micronutrients needed by our bodies to function properly. Include lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet to get the recommended daily doses of all the vitamins you need.


2. Reduce Sodium/Salt Consumption


Sodium results in water retention. As a result, the water escapes the cells and accumulates outside of the cells resulting in the swelling of the soft tissues. Replace your table salt with Himalayan Pink salt. Don’t forget to sprinkle the Himalayan Pink salt on the cooked food rather than adding it during the cooking process. Just in a week, you’ll see the positive results.


3. Make Use of a Cold-Compress


When you apply a cold compress to your eyes, the blood vessels contract, resulting in a de-swelling of your under eye area. A cold compress works wonders and is effective. It’s best to cold-compress your eyes just before you take a shower or before bedtime. The process is simple:



  • Take a plastic bag with a top seal and fill it with icy-water.


  • Gently press the puffy areas around the eye with this zip-lock bag.


  • Continue for at least 20 minutes and then remove the cold compress.



4. Chamomille Eye Presses are your Friend


If allergies are the reason behind your puffy eyes, then chamomile tea bags may offer you a reliable solution because of their anti-inflammation properties. To make a chamomile eye press you simply need:



  • ½ cup fresh water


  • A couple of chamomile tea bags.



Soak the tea bags in warm water. Let the bags cool down. Squeeze to remove the absorbed water and then lie down. Place the bags, one over each eye and let them work for 20 minutes. Repeat this twice a day.


Get Bright Eyes Naturally


Natural beauty has no parallel. You don’t have to go for injections or use any fancy creams to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Use any one of the above-mentioned remedies to help reduce the puffiness under the eyes. To help really give you that bold look, why not try Avance Japan mascara? Also, don’t forget to the Avance Japan Dou Demaquillant Super eye makeup remover. We all know that the first rule of makeup is to never sleep overnight with it right? So if you’re in the habit of sleeping in your makeup, you might want to reconsider investing in some good old-fashioned eye makeup remover. It’ll help prevent that under eye puffiness!